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, because the dizziness starts when you get up, I think it might be benign positional vertigo, but a doctor...
? If so, that would be Vertigo. Vertigo is also very common and for me, I get blurred vision and the room starts spinning... and it usually causes some sort of vision issues.  The link I am connecting here gives an explanation of Optic neuritis...
Finding the Cause of Dizzy Spells by Dr. Charlotte Thompson Medical Doctor Dizzyness may have many causes but it is not something to take lightly if it occurs quite often. I was just told about a woman who was working very hard, was very stressed with money and other problems...
What would cause dizziness in a very fit athlete? by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor Athletes and other very fit people may feel dizzy when they rise from lying to standing because of their slow pulse rates. Exercise makes your heart stronger so it can pump more blood with each beat and it doesn't have to b
35 Symptoms of Perimenopause: Dizziness & Vertigo by Magnolia Miller Healthy Living Professional these symptoms so elusive is that both dizziness and vertigo can be traced to other causes besides menopause... out thoroughly to rule out any other possible causes. That said, I had horrible vertigo and dizzy spells...
Dizziness can be caused by injury to the neck by Carol Grant to walk properly. While there are many causes of dizziness, a very common one stems from neck injuries. The joints in the neck are covered by nerves which if injured can send wrong signals to the brain and cause...
The Top 3 Causes of Frizzy Hair by Sarah B. Patient Expert Bluz Cluz is dizzy about frizzy hair…My question is what causes frizzy hair... and swell a lot, while the other stays relatively the same. This differential swelling causes the hair shaft...
Making sure NCMB sees trend of poor care at Duke by jodigirl Patient ExpertFacebook - no doubt the cause of the impact of my/the driver's side of the car. Thanks again, Duke Medical. ...
Looking into the Eye - MS and Vision by stuart Patient Expert . > Double Vision Occurs when muscles that control eye movement weaken. This can cause you to see a double image. Double vision may worsen with fatigue. Another cause of vision impairment...
Chronic Dizziness - an annoying health condition by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook (sometimes a build up of wax can cause dizziness and balanced issues). He has changed his diet: he has cut... Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, and therefore did excercises called the BRANDT-DAROFF EXERCISES. MJ...

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Causes ... es are severe or if you have a family history of migraine. Poor circulation - may lead to vertigo if insufficient blood rea ... » Read on
Complications ... optic nerve (which connects the eye to the brain), resulting in poor vision (optic atrophy). I ... » Read on