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Constantly Coughing Up Phlegm

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I still have a lingering cough t ... by ANNGREGORY74 Patient Expert I still have a lingering cough that's aggravated by my constant post nasal drip. Thanks, crazy allergies. Other than this very minor complaint, I feel completely normal. I've got a doctor's appointment...
How a Simple Cough Can Become Potentially Deadly by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven I am/have been.  But I must tell you, this beats everything. Hands.Down. So I got a bit sick.  I had a cough.  In my last post I joked about having a 101°F fever.  HAHA! Not so much. Within a few days, the coughing became so relentless and painful...
Cough cough cough by Amy G. Patient ExpertHealth Maven The air today is beyond foul. Fires throughout the Bay Area have left a thick layer of smoke hanging over the valley. From my home this morning I not only couldn't see Mt. Diablo, I couldn't see the hills. Which are only
That Cough May Mean You Have Acid Reflux by DigestBetter .. being constantly coughing, constantly with that irritation is just amazing. ANNOUNCER: Thanks for joining...Jim, GERD Patient: I developed a chronic cough and I'm talking about a really bad cough. I'd wake...
Cough, cough , cough !!! by jasmine a. Patient Expert and are coughing a lot like I was then do try to support your back when coughing. If you have back issues a hard cough can really rack your body and hurt your back. I got some bad backache just because of the physical...
Cough Drops for Quick Relief by Lucky V. Patient Expert with every winter. The constant changes of temperature can be brutal to your immune system, creating health issues such as colds and coughs. It’s very difficult to stay away from these respiratory issues because we face...
Thalidomide Relieves Disabling Cough And Improves Quality Of Life For People With Deadly Lung Disease by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy In the first clinical trial to demonstrate an effective treatment for constant, disabling cough... of Medicine found that taking thalidomide significantly reduced the cough and improved quality of life...
How to Get Rid of Phlegm by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Phlegm is a natural waste product of the body, but it doesn’t always occur. First, you need to distinguish the difference between phlegm and mucous. Mucous is what you blow
Antibiotics found not useful for acute cough producing green phlegm by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor - Prescribing antibiotics for patients with discolored phlegm caused by acute cough has little or no effect...: “Are you coughing anything up?” or “What color is your phlegm?” Clinicians and patients commonly believe...
There are cough syrups and there are cough syrups by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven the urge to cough. Expectorants, on the other hand are used in coughs where you bring out phlegm... have checked. I would have taken the syrup and my cough would have actually got worse because the phlegm...

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Treatment ... up. They coat the throat and relieve the irritation that causes coughing. They can be used for any type of cough. These medicine ... » Read on
Symptoms ... f lung cancer can include: coughing a lot of the time, a change in an ... » Read on