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Tour de Yawn: Is three weeks of constant cycling getting old now? by Roman M. Patient Expert before the Tour de Yawn gets to Paris? What's your opinion? Is the 2010 Tour de France getting boring...
Rand Paul (sort of) Endorses Mitt Romney: Yawn by Ginger T. Patient Expert " and "Liberty" and are constantly evoking images of the American Colonists who were martyred for freedom...
Happy New Yawn... by Ellie Patient Expert is constantly sneaking into my thoughts. Nearly everyday I find myself miles away, lost in my contemplations...
“The Constant Temptation to Succumb to a Mindless Habit Like Checking Email Is a Constant Threat.” by Gretchen R. Patient Expert . To me, the constant temptation to succumb to a mindless habit like checking email is a constant threat. I feel... of your happiness? Sure, I constantly struggle with technology habits — that’s probably why I’m so fascinated...
does yawning start a panic attack or a panic attack makes me yawn? by David M. Patient Expert I notice i start yawning over and over and then i will start to feel a panic attack happen. Do i panic then yawn or yawn and then have a panic attack? It seems to be an odd symptom of panic attacks...
Yawn. And, yawn. by Amy G. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Tonight I'm absolutely positively certainly not going anywhere. Ditto for Saturday night. Although I well remember those long ago days of yore when I went out drinking and dancing almost every single day of the week until
thanks maam lynette,,, it was such an enlightenment on my part sharing  ur knowlegde on women like me....more power.....   Dear Crabites, While lack of sleep can indeed cause headaches, prolonged or severe headaches are
by the way i'm just 22 years, i haven't undergone any x-rays... the pain what i have told before sometimes while i'm walking i suddenly feel pain in my hips that could last for about 5 minutes or less.
The possibilities are so endless that we can go nuts with the little bit of information that you've mentioned.  I don't mean this to belittle you but to explain why we often ask as many questions as we do to go with all the
If you haven't changed your hair products, that might actually be a reasonable next step to determine if you've developed a sensitivity to an ingredient.  The larger problem is that manufacturers put in many, many chemicals,

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Symptoms ... ce the following symptoms: yawning, a sudden clammy sweat, ... » Read on
Introduction Otitis media with effusion is a condition which causes fluid to build up in the middle ear. It is ... » Read on