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Constant Nausea

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Terri H. Portland, Oregon
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Extreme Nausea – and what causes it… by Ron Patient Expert with others whose lives, like mine, are blighted by perpetual and extreme nausea. During the course of this year, the nausea that’s plagued me since I developed ME in the mid eighties has come to dominate my life...
Morning Sickness and Nausea During Pregnancy by Melissa M. Morning sickness and nausea are common in pregnant women. Most nausea occurs during the early part..., morning sickness and nausea might last longer, even for the entire nine months. The changes...
Sprinklers, nausea and the little bean by Nurse Lochia .. Patient Expert had a good time. Today I realized that the nausea I've been "blessed" with this pregnancy is getting better. I'm actually keeping meals down, I'm not constantly queasy and it's been since Sunday that I actually...
5 Ways to Care About the Air, Your Constant Companion by Tera W. Patient Expert , skin irritation, nausea, headaches, eye irritations, allergies,  and even cancer. Green Cleaning...
“The Constant Temptation to Succumb to a Mindless Habit Like Checking Email Is a Constant Threat.” by Gretchen R. Patient Expert . To me, the constant temptation to succumb to a mindless habit like checking email is a constant threat. I feel... of your happiness? Sure, I constantly struggle with technology habits — that’s probably why I’m so fascinated...
I was seated on the top of ... by Kim to all the natives. I was constantly followed around by children and whistled at by men but I felt.... I had nose bleeds almost constantly and my gums would bleed when I pulled my tongue across them, looking...
For me, the main symptoms were constant and uncontrollable diarrhea, severe pain and cramps in my lower stomach, a constant pain in my mid-right section, all over body pain and unexplained high fevers...
& pain w/nausea are hallmarks of meningitis.  I suppose you could have a headache from being dehydrated from your systemic illness such that it leads to coincidental nausea, too.  Best to go see your family doc!  Good...
Perhaps you're pregnant?  If you're sexually active and not using any form of birth control, you can get pregnant.  And if you don't use a barrier method like a condom, you can pick up a sexually transmitted infection, too. 
thanks maam lynette,,, it was such an enlightenment on my part sharing  ur knowlegde on women like me....more power.....   Dear Crabites, While lack of sleep can indeed cause headaches, prolonged or severe headaches are

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