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Tummyblogger San Francisco, California
Tummyblogger is, of course, a pseudonym. Under my own name, I am a retired counseling/clinical... More
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Pamefsurst California
Green Coffee Dr is essential to everybody. Have you ever wanted your judgment to lose its luster?... More

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Confused patients - and confused doctors ! by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor to all patients, but sometimes this also has the downside of leaving these patients very confused...
Confusing Health Advice in a Confusing World by Dr. Scott ND Naturopathic DoctorFacebook Confused? Do you find yourself scratching your head when you read the latest news? One headline...? What about using a microwave? If you are confused, you are not alone. One of the problems...
Sensory issues are not really that confusing, if we would only stop confusing them ourselves by Chris Alterio Occupational Therapist People are easily confused whenever someone talks about sensory integration or sensory processing, mostly because of confusing messages that are sent by occupational therapists regarding these issues. Confusion is evident...
Confusing ConfusionBy LISA SANDE ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Confusing Confusion By LISA SANDERS, M.D. 07 dec 2008 1. SYMPTOMS The middle-aged man... and excruciating pain in his back. One leg was weak and he was confused. But the scariest part...
Confused ? Confusing ? by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) presented the State of World population report 2005, and highlighted the fact that as a result of India’s high fertility rates ( at 2.92 in 2005 , we have one of the youngest populations in th
CARB CONFUSION? ONLY BECAUSE YOU MAKE IT CONFUSING. by Richard S. Patient Expert We make eating (carbs) for your fitness building muscle & burning fat too complex. Here’s a simple 7 day plan to follow, Day 1-Get Rid Of Your Carbs, huh? Yea don't eat any fatty. AM- 20-45 min of cardio on an emp
Calorie Counting Confusion by Angie Schumacher Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Confusion With the ever-expanding library of diet books on the market it's easy to get caught... here to clear up the confusion and set the record straight: 1. Calories are not created equal...
If you're reading this, try looking in the upper right hand corner of this page for a green rectangle w/"Search site for . . ." inside it.  There should be an orange rectangle w/"Find" inside it.  If you type "gluten" without
Confused About Soy? by Logan F. Healthy Living Professional /studies are of the higher quality. Until convinced otherwise, I stand by what I wrote in "Confused About Soy." Here is what I would urge anyone making dietary changes to do when confused...
I'm not a doctor, but I think that fraternal twins happen when two sperm fertilize two eggs= 2 different babies.  I believe identical twins are one fertilized egg that splits into 2 zygotes.  They split after 2 days usually,

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