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Justine essex, UK
I am very lucky to be alive after a double-lung transplant in July 2006. I suffered the rarest... More
mariapeterson California
Hello, I am Maria Peterson from California and I used to work in a busy office in the city. I... More
allengreenfield Acworth, Georgia
My name is Dawn and welcome to Small Footprint Family! As a new parent and longtime... More
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I'm excited when I got pregnant to my oldest son. I'm in paper writing services, If I have time to... More

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WikiPedia Meets Genetics by Dr. Steve Murphy Medical Doctor I just received an email from one of my readers today. Trip said " am med student at Univ of KY, interested in medical genetics and have been reading your blog.........I am recommending a blog
A "coma" A "coma" refers to a period after injury in which the person is unconscious - i.e.... used or understood. So usually a coma would be defined as a period during which these conditions are true...
Carb Coma by Pam Tremble Patient Expert For some the term "Carb Coma" might be something new ... but for those who know it, we hate it and avoid it at all costs. Last night I experience a Carb Coma. Ok, let me first explain what a Carb Coma...
Lights, Coma, Action! by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy Cavin Balaster has started a new kickstarter campaign entitled Lights, Coma, Action!  This campaign is aimed to help Cavin not only write a book about his life before and after a major coma
'We Seek Our Own Coma' by Always Carol Patient Expert That's a quote from Chuck Palahniuk's new book called Diary. I know I do, that is, seek my own coma, I don't live my own life so much as weather it. Chuck wrote Fight Club , another dark story...
Fight Food Coma by Billy @ BeerBellyBlog Patient Expert to get through, especially if you work in an environment where it’s always quiet. For me personally I try and fight off this food coma... us out of the food coma because they are fun. We all tend to come alive and have more energy when we’re engaged...
Trick of the Trade: OKN drum to test psychogenic coma by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor and minimally responsive to very painful stimuli. Is this a case of psychogenic coma or true coma... yourself that this may indeed be psychogenic coma? Trick of the Trade: Test for optokinetic nystagmus (OKN) using an OKN drum...
Coma and General Anesthesia Demonstrate Important Similarities by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy — it is placed into a state that is a reversible coma, according to three neuroscientists who have published an extensive review of general anesthesia, sleep and coma, in the Dec. 30 issue of The New England Journal...
Neuroscience, Deep Brain Stimulation, Comas, and EFT by Gabriella Kortsch Ph.D. Patient Expert Brain.Photo Credit Today's post has come together because of an email I received yesterday from Gary Craig, the founder of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques ), an energy-based tool many professionals (including physicians
Magnetic field 'aids coma victim by Rudy S. Patient Expert BBC NEWS | Health | Magnetic field 'aids coma victim A US patient left in a coma-like state after a road accident recovered the ability to speak after repeated exposure to a magnetic field

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Symptoms ... and high salt levels can cause fits, and eventually, a state of coma. » Read on
Treatment ... onfused and, in severe cases, can result in fits, or a state of coma. Therefore, you should never take more th ... » Read on