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Cochlear Function

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Making sense of the world through a cochlear implant by ci4me2007 Patient Expert of people who rely on cochlear implants, a surgically-implanted electronic device that can help provide... how the brain interprets distorted speech, they will be able to improve the experience of people with cochlear...
My cochlear implant journey, by Amy Davis by DeafBlog Patient Expert . I was transferred to Oxford and put on a Cochlear implant list urgently. February to May 2006, I spent..., it was easy to decide to get a cochlear implant. A lot of my thought went into it, but I knew with the support...
Q&A: Sound after cochlear implant activation by Funny Old Life Healthy Living Professional which will take some time, longer for some than for others, but all cochlear implant recipients should do very well... with other cochlear implant users for support; MED-EL – HearPeers CochlearCochlear Community Advanced...
Gerry Leeper on his cochlear implant and how he can hear his grandchildren laugh again by DeafBlog Patient Expert concerts became a waste of time and money. I first found out about cochlear implants from my consultant... definitely recommend cochlear implants to people who meet the criteria and want to go ahead. If the choice...
Baby with Cochlear Implant hears mom for the first time by Danielle N. Patient Expert A girlfriend of mine sent me this video just a little while ago. The video is about Jonathan who hears his mother for the first time with his cochlear implant. Such a an amazing video
Boy can hear again after cochlear implant by DeafBlog Patient Expert A seven year old boy survived meningitis 5 times and lost his hearing after the first bout of the disease. Troy Probert was fitted with cochlear implants which were switched...
Planning for Cochlear Implant...... by Ash and Amit Marathe Patient Expert report using hearing aid.They concluded that we should go for Cochlear Implant surgery. Doctor explained us about Benefits & risks of Cochlear Implant. I gathered lot of information through internet & met the parents...
Mapping a Cochlear Implant by Val B. Patient Expert Some of you hear me say "I have to take them for mapping"...translated: get their processor adjusted so they hear better... Here is a photo of Brook at a mapping session. As you can see, she's wearing one processor as it i
How Hearing & Cochlear Implants Work by Danielle N. Patient Expert Some of you asked me on Facebook " How can you hear with the Cochlear Implant". Here is a video that will help you understand how I will be able to hear with my Cochlear Implant. I am counting down the days
New website on bilateral cochlear implants by Funny Old Life Healthy Living Professional A new website has been launched, 2 ears 2 hear, a resource for those interested in bilateral cochlear implants and the importance of sourcing funding from the NHS to enable bilateral implants...

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