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Coal Deposits

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We’re All Getting a Lump of Coal This Xmas by Steven M. Patient Expert reports that geologists have confirmed a massive 23 billion ton coal reserve deposit in the country’s.... Great Britian is poised to expand its coal mining industry, despite fears that the move will lead...
Recent Loss Of Life In Coal Mines Potent Reminder That Coal Kills by Corbett K. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook My heart goes out to the victims and families affected by the rash of recent coal mine disasters... surface to bring ancient, fossilized fuel topside. However, even as we grieve, let us remember that coal...
Second TVA “Clean Coal” Spill Dumps Coal Ash, Gypsum into Alabama Creek by Chelsea Green Patient Expert Another Tennessee Valley Authority coal ash pond ruptured today—this time in Alabama—spilling “some materials” into Widows Creek. But don’t worry, Alabama. Since “clean coal” is so clean...
Meet the New Coal, Same as the Old Coal by Neal .. Patient Expert by Richard T. Stuebi   As reported a few months ago by the Associated Press, a number of new coal-fired powerplants are now under construction in the U.S. without the ability to capture and sequester...
Can Bio Coal Turn Coal Power Plants into Green Energy Producers? by Sean D. Patient Expert . Is it possible to turn coal power plants into renewable energy producers? According to the supporters of bio coal, the answer is yes – coal plants can burn bio coal, created from biomass, without retooling their storage...
Mercury Part 3: Canaries in a coal mine! by Bueller K. Patient Expert in the coal mine”. They are the kids that are letting all us miners know that something is wrong that we need...? As I said in my post about mercury and fish, we must look at our environment, our coal energy use that is making...
Kidney stones can be one form of calcium deposit, but calcium deposits can occur in many places other than the kidney!
The only way to know is to have him see his doctor and if still worried then ask for a scan whether it be ultrasound, x-ray, or CT scan. It's better to get checked and find out it's nothing than to wait and miss a window fo
This is not good because black stools often indicate that the animal is bleeding internally. I suggest you have your cat examined by your veterinarain as soon as possible.
Therapeutics for the Treatment and Prevention of Atherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Disease by Description of Invention: This technology consists of peptides and peptide-analogues that enhance clearance of excess cholesterol in cells and do not exhibit the cytotoxicity that has hampered development of simila

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Treatment ... feeding. It is not recommended for children or teenagers. Coal tar - this is a thick heavy oil and is probably the oldest ... » Read on
Treatment ... ural oils produced from your scalp glands. Coal tar, which contains a natural anti-fungal agent. However, i ... » Read on