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Ms. J Texas
I'm a 32 year old woman that has suffered from classic migraines from the age of 7 and developed... More
My name is Chris Hempel. In October 2007, my husband and I received life-threatening news about... More
Gabrielle4 taiyuan, CN
I am 22 year old female HSV carrier, living in Taiyuan city, China. I just broke up with my bf... More
rickisjourney fullerton, California
Hello!! I am 29, a wife, mother, HCV patient, and soon to contain recycled parts!! Right now I... More
HERBMASTER Houston, Texas
Mark Hammer C.M.H. Senior Master Herbalist - Traditional Asian Medicine "My greatest... More

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Rapid Diagnostic Applications of Phage by take 1-2 days; this technology reduces the time to less than one hour. These technologies utilize phage... a phage that incorporates a reporter gene (e.g., luciferase) that will be expressed only when the phage...
Therapeutic Antibacterial Applications of Phage by is a method of adapting phages to survive in the body substantially longer than wild-type phages, using serial passaging and/or genetic engineering. The second group involves phages designed to bind the toxins...
The Use of Bacteriophages In The Treatment of Lyme Disease by Connie S. Patient Expert entities on the planet, and one of the largest natural sources for phages and other viruses is sea water...-electric footprint of one of these viruses and cross-matching it to a targeted bacterium or microbe, phages...
Immunogenic Peptides Against Influenza Virus by derived from the HA, NA, PB2, PB1, PA, M1, M2, NP, NS1, and NS2 proteins of influenza virus that elicit...: Vaccines against influenza virus infection; Diagnostics for the detection of influenza virus infection...
Bacteriophage Having Multiple Host Range by in the use of phages to treat bacterial infections. The inventors have discovered FK1-5, a highly lytic, non-lysogenic, stable bacteriophage with the ability to kill bacteria rapidly, making it a good candidate for phage...
could an acne cure be on the way? by OnlyNatureBlog Patient Expert A new study has found that a virus could have the potential to destroy... bacteriophages from the noses of 11 volunteers. This virus could kill the breakout-causing bacteria P. acnes...
Monoclonal Antibodies Against Poliovirus by -neutralizing MAbs were recovered from a combinatorial Fab phage display library constructed from bone marrow...-type poliovirus. Moreover, MAb injection 6 or 12 h after virus infection provided significant protection...
Constructing New Infrastructure for Regeneration by Al Fin .. Patient Expert . They are using viruses (bacteriophages) to build a proteinaceous infrastructure that promotes regeneration of nerve... to viruses instead. "Viruses are smart materials," he says. "Once you construct the genome...
Lyme Disease Symptom Checklist by Bryan R. Patient Expert Barr Virus is abnormal in any measure. [This virus is believed to be positive over normal positive... patients reset the healthy “normal” range]. 10. Positive for viruses such as CMV, HHP-6, Coxsackie B Types...
Researchers estimate one in 2,000 people in the UK carry variant CJD proteins by Terry S. Patient Expert body macro-phages in lymphoid follicles. Cases with fewer than five lymphoid follicles were excluded... ENCEPHALOPATHIES   Location: Virus and Prion Research Unit

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Causes ... immune system normally makes antibodies to attack bacteria and viruses. Pernicious anemia is caused by an autoimmune disease, w ... » Read on
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