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ggperformance Phoenix, Arizona
Sports performance coach & fitness trainer, Giber Becerra (aka Gigi), is devoted to helping... More
Joanne Star California
Hi Everyone! I am 64 yrs. old.I love working with people to help them get back to health... More
Angela US
Hi, I am Angela. I live in Texas. I am a stay-at-home mom. I have five adopted children. Our... More
Iâ??m a 20-something foodie/yogi eating veggies & practicing yoga in the heart of the... More
Tamara H. California
I am a woman on a mission. I had a recent change in my life. After years of working in corporate... More

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Rock Climbing, Finger Taping and Injury by Dr. Erik McLaughlin Medical Doctor Tendons run along the sides, top and bottom of the fingers Flexor tendons help close the hand into a fist... Tendons run along the sides, top and bottom of the fingers Flexor tendons help close the hand into a fist...
Fist in the Air by Nick B. Patient Expert made of steel and can rock this mutha out! FIST IN THE AIR! An hour later and many minutes with my eyes closed... months have passed since I got my buckle at the Oil Creek 100 and I'm still held up by the same injury...
Gardasil Victim's Mom Speaks About Vaccine Injury: SANEVAX Vaccine Injury Victim Support Line by Kim S. Patient Expert When vaccine injury occurs and our medical community fails to recognize or diagnose the injury, mothers worldwide turn to SANEVAX, INC. for support. Our  Victim Support Line is a lifeline...
Shakey Fists by Mama's Weeds Patient Expert I was off dark and early to the gym this morning. I was | this close | to driving... when I left the gym at 6:55. * Shaking my fist at the tilt of the earth on it’s axis and it’s current angle...
Avoid Head Injuries by Corry C. Patient Expert I always enjoyed riding a bicycle. It brings you close to nature, keeps you active, and in the mean time gets you to where you want. In the Netherlands, where I grew up, the majority of the people...
Tragedy too close to home by Zipperhead .. Patient Expert It's 3:30 a.m. and I am so restless I am wringing my hands, making fists, fighting back tears as my family sleeps. While I have kept my precise whereabouts to myself on this blog in the past...
Tell NY Governor Cuomo to CLOSE Barbaric Rotenberg Electric Shock Center by Kim S. Patient Expert the use of electric shocks. Now you have the power to potentially close the JRC for good by eliminating the JRC’s...
DARPA Getting Close to Creating a Brain Implant to Restore Memory by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven who have lost recollection of certain events due to traumatic brain injuries, the Defense Advanced Research...
Spine Implant Device Maker that Raised $60M is Closing Down - Archus Orthopedics is Out of Money by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven The company had some big investors like J and J and loans from GE, but in the midst of their clinical trials, things just went sour and money ran out.  There were several comments too from patients who had the implant and sp
French PIP Breast Implant Company Closed Down by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven The OC Register “In Your Face” Blog posted on a French Breast Implant Maker Shutdown: DRAGUIGNAN, France (AFP) – A French court Tuesday ordered the closure of a company making breast implants after health authori

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Causes ... unches another in the teeth, cutting their hand in the process (closed fist injuries). However, human bites can also be accident ... » Read on
Symptoms ... Most human bites are the result of a 'closed fist injury', where one person punches another person in ... » Read on