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courtneymorgan Park Avenue Roseville, California
Im a graduate of Liberal Arts, workingmom, copywriter in an advertising company. Being a mom at... More
Patriciann Stockton, California
I live in Stockton, California.  My husband died in 03 while I was still going through... More
Shinelis Lillestrøm, close to Oslo, NO
Hello! I'm 37 years old girl from Norway. I have HMS and possible EDS.  My daughter is... More
Marly Peterborough, CA
I am a  Healthcare Provider. At present I have left my employment to care for my father in... More
Alan R. US
This is a blog about the pursuits of Naturalist Alan Russo to incorporate all things Natural,... More

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AFIP Closes, Opens, Closes, Opens. Are You Following This? by Bruce Friedman Patient Expert on the status of this institution that may, or may not, be closing as a result of budgetary cutbacks in the Army... of the closure of Walter Reed Army Medical Center in 2011 because of the federal base-closing program.A private...
Senators Holding Closed Door Sessions Discussing 3 health-insurance plans – Why Are the Doors Closed? by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven will be behind closed doors.  One video is worth a 1000 words and it may shine some light on the direction... plan to debate them in a closed meeting next week. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity...
Hawaii Medical Center Closes Emergency Rooms As New Buyer for the Facility Fell Through And Facilities Will Be Closed When All P by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Back in October the hospital stated they may have to close and the ER rooms are the first stage... from the red side and getting very close.  This is not a very happy holiday for the employees or the patients...
Publix Closing ‘Little Clinic” Retail Medical Clinics in Stores-Most Have Already Been Closed After a 5 Year Run by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven The Little Clinic but are no longer owned by Little Clinic and are being closed out.  This entails 40... by nurse practitioners in Publix stores. Last week 10 of the 12 locations in the Tampa Bay area closed...
Close Grip Bench Press | Barbell Close Grip Bench Press by Scott W. Healthy Living Professional Click to Play Close Grip Bench Press, learn how to exercise and workout with Scott White. Buy the DVD: http
The blog commenting dilemma: to close or not to close? by Carla B. Patient Expert is it? There has been a trend lately in the blogosphere about closing comments. There are various reasons for this and it’s... on your goals, your circumstances, and many other factors. I recently closed the comments on my healthy living...
gah! it's too close! it's too close!!!! by Heather Heywood Patient Expert just a quick "fyi" post today, folks. tomorrow is pre-op clinic. asher and i have to arrive at 7:30 am (apparently there's a 7:30 in the morning now... who knew?!?!) for bloodwork. then it's a day of chest x-ray, ultrasound
BEST LIFE? NOT EVEN CLOSE! by Judy B. Healthy Living Professional I watched part of an Oprah show a while back (it might have been a rerun) in which Oprah and her fitness guru, Bob Green, went to Mississippi to save the residents of “the fattest state in America.” Oprah, who has famously h
Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever, But it Sure Can Come Close by rwboughton Patient Expert Indonesians abbreviate everything. This makes it very hard for a guy who is trying to learn the language. They abbreviate in writing, and they abbreviate when speaking. They will write, for instance ng when they mean ngg
Eyes do change as we age. You just might need a new prescription or a different brand of contacts.  Personally I have tried several brands and some work better - maybe it's my eyes or maybe it's the contacts :-) Lynn PS I

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