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The Clitoris by findingeve Patient Expert So, since I’ve mentioned the clitoris in the several past entries, let’s talk about it a little more. The clitoris is oftentimes the most misunderstood part of women’s genitalia. Men seem to know little...
Labiaplasty and Exposure of the Clitoris by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven of the clitoris and occasionally the Labia majora) and staying out of the vagina. As a plastic surgeon... the hood of the clitoris. Exposure of the clitoris is interesting in that it is sensitive afterward...
The Amazing Clitoris: For Women and the Men Who Love Them by Dr. Janice Healthy Living Professional trip. It felt so wonderful that she concluded that the existence of her clitoris was proof positive that God loved her.” Dossie Easton and Catherine Liszt,The Ethical Slut If you have a clitoris...
"In Search Of My Clitoris" by Gillette .. Patient Expert with me: - Sia Amma speaks the language of four tribes. Not one of them has a word for the clitoris... if she could find her clitoris. It wasn't there. - The wound never truly heals and often causes pain througout the woman's...
Psychosis is a severe mental disorder in which there is a break with reality and deterioration of normal social functioning. There are many types of psychoses including schizophrenia where a person may hear voices or be convi
Scheduled for Surgery by Quinn Patient Expert I had another really unpleasant clitoral pain flare over the weekend. I discovered material lodged in a fold of skin that I could not remove. I tried warm water in a syringe, I tried my bare hands, I even tried a toothpick.
It Continues... Back to the Doctor by Quinn Patient Expert The vaginal flare has subsided, but the clitoral flare rages on. It's been more than three weeks! I have good days where it's pretty quiet, but they are few and far between. It's beginning to take a toll on me. I still
Generally, psychosis is losing touch with reality to some degree, such as disturbed, confused, and disrupted patterns of thought. Your experience is more common than that of those who completely lose connection ro reality.
Genius or Madness? The Connection between Psychosis and Creativity by Mr Mans Wife .. Patient Expert Part Two – Just Where Do You Come From? As mentioned previously, psychosis and mania are not always bad experiences for people. Many people actually welcome these experiences, feeling that they are a source of inspiration
CMS looking in to psychosis diag ... by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven CMS looking in to psychosis diagnosis with nursing homes...BD  "In recent years, Medicaid has spent more money on antipsychotic drugs for Americans than on any other class of pharmaceuticals," largely because nursing home

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