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Michael B. MOUNTAIN VIEW, California
Stanford Staff. Looking to lose a few pounds (10) before my baby is born in February 2009. Also... More
Abs Z. Pasadena,L.A., California
Hi everybody , I hope this post finds you in good health ! This's Abs .I'm a 27 yr old... More
sdrunner san diego, California
A high school runner, now twenty-something runner trying to train for my first marathon ever!... More
Julie M. San Francisco, California
I have been into fitness ever since college, where I took a swimming class to reduce stress and... More
rose23 SN
I will frankly say that i am new to Internet dating,i don't know if this will workout for me,but i... More

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Today I was in goose heaven as I ran by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven I've been wanting to get a good shot at geese flying overhead as I run on the Parkway, but so far I haven't had my camera with me or couldn't get the camera out of my jacket fast enough. Today I finally made it. I heard honk
TREE INTERVALS AND GOOSE POOP by Karen M. Patient Expert but there was lots of goose poop on the sidewalk so it added another perspective to the intervals. The temp was about 70 and it felt like a good workout- I could have went farther but with a long run this weekend...
GOOSE POOP by Karen M. Patient Expert was alittle off. Is it goose poops or geese poop? The weather was good at 7pm and I felt good. ...
Marie Claire Should Have Thought Twice About Running This MS Story... by Blinders off .. Patient Expert , that appeared in Marie Claire January 2010 magazine. Yes, my story is controversial. People worry that I'll.... First let me say, YES! Her story is controversial. It is also irresponsible of Marie Claire to publish...
Dear Mark: Soy Lecithin, Healthy Fat Alternatives, Wasted Workouts, and Magic Grapefruit by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional fat alternatives, whether walking constitutes a wasted workout, and the magic of grapefruit. Hello...? Rendering beef tallow, leaf lard, and even duck or goose fat (for those occasions you want to roast or fry...
5 Big Gym Workout Routine Mistakes by Daniel Munday Patient Expert :// Although I am predominately an outdoors Sydney Personal... that I see some interesting gym workout routines to say the least. This top 5 list of things not...
5 Big Gym Workout Routine Mistakes by Daniel Munday Patient Expert in a gym that I used to work at back in the day and it means that I see some interesting gym workout... move your arms when you are power walking or running on there. 2) Spending your whole workout...
Rising Up: A Workout Playlist by Roni N. Patient Expert Lawhorn is the resident DJ at Marie Claire magazine and runs a workout music database.  If you’d... to ignore things like beats per minute (BPM) when selecting running/workout mixes. I simply...
Workout Playlist:  132 BPM and Beyond by Roni N. Patient Expert DJ at Marie Claire and workout music expert at Real Age. Each month, he reviews 300-400 new singles–trying to find the best new music for a workout. To vote on upcoming tracks, hear this month’s contenders...
Summertime Kids-at-Home Workouts. by Carla B. Patient Expert they were used to a big chuck of time during the day in which to work/workout and the aforementioned chunk disappears... have at our disposal.) Please to enjoy MizFit’s Magnificent List Of Workout Options With The Kids Underfoot 2009...

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Risks ... stretch when your muscles are warm. If you stretch before your workout, make sure that you spend at least five to ten minutes d ... » Read on
Prevention ... ways warm-up and cool down with stretching exercises before any workout, or sports activity. If you are recovering from a hernia ... » Read on