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Some Creative Ways to Generate Easy,Thrifty, & (Shock, Shock! Yes, It's True!) Healthy Meal Ideas by Corey I. Patient Expert I wanted to share a very simple but creative way to save money & generate meal ideas in these budget-conscious times: Base your meals around coupons. Now, that doesn't mean I'm suggesting that you create a dinner
Shocked, SHOCKED by Laura Patient Expert I'm not sure if the word "shock" applies here: Professor Pope weighed 30kg (66 pounds..., and cooked feasts for others and left the room as they ate. That's not shocking. That is anorexia nervosa...
FDA Approves Protecta Implantable Defibrillators With SmartShock Technology to Reduce Inappropriate Shocks by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven The SmartShock features as I understand with reading here is an extra safeguard to avoid a life saving shock when it is actually not necessary which can originate from benign non life...
What do we mean by circulatory failure or shock ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor circulatory shock Traditionally shock is  classified as Cardiogenic shock Hypovolemic shock... in any of the   circulatory limbs but there is  a loading defect due to low blood  volume as in hemorhagic shock . The term...
Sugar Shock Blog Has New Banner/Logo to Include Beyond Sugar Shock by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional I'm pleased to announce that the Sugar Shock Blog just got a new banner. It now includes the cover for both my first book, Sugar Shock , and my upcoming book, Beyond Sugar Shock...
Win a Copy of Beyond Sugar Shock as Sugar Shock Blog Celebrates Its 7th Birthday by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Today is a special day for the Sugar Shock Blog . It's our 7th birthday... birthday or blogiversary. I'm now knee-deep into sharing the joy about my new book, Beyond Sugar Shock...
What is Sugar Shock? What is Beyond Sugar Shock? by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Wondering what I mean by the phrase Sugar Shock? After noticing that one baffled person needed help to learn if she or he was in Sugar Shock, let me share my definition...
From shock jock to shell-shock! A forced retirement. by Janet S. Patient Expert If you are like me, then you can commisserate with the unending hours spent sitting in traffic. I'll admit it, I'm a Howard Stern fan. I listen to him and laugh for over an hour's drive on my way to the office every morning
Yet another shocking (really shocking) instance of undertrained MD's doing cosmetic surgery by Dr. Robert O. Medical Doctor I'm really not trying to beat a dead horse on this theme, but there is an absolute stunning case developing in Arizona re. the actions of an Internist who reinvented himself as a cosmetic surgeon. From the Arizona Rep
I'm shocked (SHOCKED!) by lauren b. Well, that darn Bush Babe has done it. She posted a story about one of their cattle, a Hereford. Here's a Hereford. My grandpa always kept a handful of Herefords, so I have a special fondness for them. They bring back memori

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Causes ... t be maintained, and blood pressure drops. This is called acute circulatory failure, or shock. In the case of blood poisoning, b ... » Read on
Complications ... The symptoms of anaphylactic shock affect the respiratory and circulatory system and include the following: ... » Read on