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Hi, my name is Lea. I am a runner, health nut, writer, and dog lover. The blog name is sort of... More
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Call toll free 1-855-317-4203 for refund details. Refunds will be received within 4-6 weeks.. It... More
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Iâ??m 31 and a chubby chick living a quiet life in Canadaâ??s capital. I recently had... More
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Chubby Cheeks by Lian Patient Expert This is my little chubby cheeks at 3 months old. Danic went for his immunization jab... and that helped. Look at his chubby legs. So nice to squeeze. A few weeks back, I tried to train Danic...
Cheeks - Radiesse vs. Fat Grafts vs Bone Grafts by AlexanderRivkinMD Patient Expert to make a cheekbone look symmetrical compared to the other? Regarding the pufiness in cheek due to surgery could this be liquid (edema) trapped in the cheek and muscles? If it is scar tissue (i cant understand how scar...
Chubby Bunnies and First TNT Fundraising Event! by Jenna .. Healthy Living Professional them all because they became like dust in my mouth! I put them all in my cheeks and then was laughing so hard that I almost choked...
Snowflakes and Frozen Hot Chocolate by Jodi Cutler Del Dottore Patient ExpertHealth Maven Jordan: Mom, your cheeks look fat. Me: (shoving chocolate-covered fruitcake in my mouth) Really? Well, this holiday season I learned a lot. I learned that I'm okay. I learned that I must be a nerd...
The list is pretty extensive depending upon presence or absence of pain, fever, sexual activity, etc.  Best to check in w/your doc.
Best to go back to the dentist/oral surgeon who extracted her abscessed tooth.  S/he can then look for traumatic injury to the nerves in the area.  Perhaps she's running low on some vitamin or mineral.  Early presentation fo
There are many things that can cause sunken eyes and thin flesh on cheeks, rowz, including inadequate diet, stress and lack of sleep. As there are also a number of illnesses that can cause...
Dear crazylyn, So many women report "weird" facial sensations during Menopause; even numbness, tingling, and drooping that resolves within a short time. And indeed, high blood pressure also might cause such a sensation - be
Fat Injections / Fat Grafting by Jennifer D. Healthy Living Professional part of your own body are injected back into the desired area such as the cheeks, lips or chin... fill out deep facial wrinkles, creases and furrows, sunken cheeks, skin depressions and some types...

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