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Hazel B. Sheldon, Illinois
 Hi  My name is Hazel , I have a few problems but not bad ,I have slight  miltral... More
edterry Kensington, Maryland
52yr old male with a very strong family history of heart disease and stroke. Every male in my... More
AliciaRSawyer California
To take a trip is almost everything to her yet she spent the spring and summer at home. She really... More
Sophie N. York, UK
I am a clinical hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner, based in the UK. I have a particular... More

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How to Interpret your Cholesterol Numbers by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor cholesterol is. The current guidelines recommend that everyone should have a blood level of the bad LDL cholesterol below 100. If you live in Canada, divide the American number by 40. That means that Canadians...
Numbers Game: Two Tablespoons A Day Keep Cholesterol at Bay by Andy B. Healthy Living Professional Studies on flaxseed intake have shown that two tablespoons of ground flax a day for three months can lower LDL cholesterol by anywhere from ____ to ____ percent. a) 9 – 18 b) 6 – 11 c...
Reasons For Dangerous Triglyceride Numbers by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert cholesterol numbers. But as noted before, diet is but one of many contributing factors. Deeper discovery... What really creates dangerous cholesterol levels? Is modern junk food the primary factor? Or...
Entries from April 2008 Foods that lower your cholesterol! Why squirrels have low cholesterol ! Who needs diapers anyways!! Raw by Bueller K. Patient Expert Most people I know with high cholesterol lower there numbers by taking medications such as Lipitor. It is true that they work well in lowering numbers but they have huge side effects. For example...
Do I Need Cholesterol Medication? Is My Cholesterol High? The Simple Truth. by Davis Liu Medical Doctor with cholesterol lowering medication unnecessarily because a web-based calculator over estimated a person's risk....  While the simplified calculator may not be as accurate as the more complex algorithm used by the National Cholesterol...
Numbers and Numbers by Melissa H. Patient Expert any of the weight I’d like to lose, as my wellness exam went incredibly well. All my numbers were excellent:  a super-low resting heart rate, *awesome* cholesterol, super-low blood pressure, super-low blood sugar...
Cholesterol-lowering foods even more cholesterol-lowering than first thought, but so what? by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor their beneficial effects through cholesterol reduction. Statins have a number of different mechanisms of action... which featured the apparent effects Flora pro-activ drinks had on supposed ‘journalist’ Chris Jones’ cholesterol...
What is the relationship between serum cholesterol and coronary plaque cholesterol? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor of 130mg/dl  fail to do so in vast number of humans   as they criss cross the human circulatory system...
Why average cholesterol values can be so bad by Dr. William D. Medical Doctor Jack had been told again and again that there was absolutely nothing wrong with his cholesterol panel. His numbers: Total cholesterol 198 mg/dl LDL cholesterol 119 mg/dl --actually...
The Doctor's Cholesterol by Dr. Heather S. Medical Doctor I just got my own cholesterol numbers backTotal cholesterol - 160 Triglycerides - 86 HDL - 71 LDL - 72 Thought I'd share what a healthy vegan diet and exercise have done for me. :)

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Diagnosis ... A blood test is used to measure the amount of cholesterol in your blood . Before having the test, you may be a ... » Read on
Prevention ... y heart disease is to make sure that your 'bad cholesterol ' (LDL) level is low and that your 'good cholesterol ... » Read on