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Pool Chlorine Increases Risk of Asthma and Allergies by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert Swimming in pools treated with chlorine can increase kids’ asthma risk according to a recent... also found that kids who swam in indoor and outdoor chlorine-treated pools had a higher risk of other allergies...
Different uses of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda by Viv Patient Expert . As a non-chlorinated scouring powder use baking soda, salt, and water paste. Never try to use any abrasive... to adding kitty litter. Medicinal uses include using baking soda to relieve canker sores, upset...
Day 140 of our Green Year: The Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide by Craig and Layla B. Patient Expert . So, what are the uses of hydrogen peroxide in the home? Here are just a few we will be trying. (We will be reusing... as we now use) instead of chlorine bleach, you will get results that are just as good. With a mixture of hydrogen...
Uses of Tomato juice by Niyaprakash Patient Expert who has ever gone swimming in a chlorine-treated pool, you know it can sometimes give your hair an unappealing green tint...
CAUSES OF POLLUTION AND ITS TYPES by Stephen Tvedten Patient Expert and release hydrocarbons from unburned fuels. Sunlight causes the nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons to combine.... The hydrocarbons are oxidized into materials that condense and form a visible, pungent haze. Eventually...
Is Your Baby Toxic from Environmental Pollution? by Jeffrey Dach MD by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor hydrocarbons (PAHs) 285 parts per trillion (ppt). (gasoline) Polybrominated dibenzodioxins 55.9 ppt. flame...), phthalates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and perchlorate in 99 to 100 percent of pregnant women...
An Obvious Sign of Some Sweating Going On by ajlesser Patient Expert .  You never can seem to get that chlorine smell out completely, can you?  Of course, for basic runners and cyclists, a good old fashion... from now, as it will be layered with a new batch of clothes.  I mean, who uses a bathtub anyways for bathing? ...
Let us say a final good bye . . . to cath study in PAH of Eisenmenger ! by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor   synthesized in our hospital (Mainly with  clinical data ) can be a useful tool. Reference: Learnt...

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Causes ... ied as being potential causes of pancreatic cancer are known as chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents. They can be found in a variety ... » Read on
Treatment Multi-disciplinary treatment Due to the challenging nature of complex regional ... » Read on