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MichaelBoyle New-York, New York
My name is Michael Boyle and I know how important it is to have attractive appearance. But... More
Freonesko California
 this is your Maximum 10 after all. That has a face only a mother could love. 
tanky California
   My name is brandon im 23yrs old ,I do industrial construction for a living working... More
Raising Joey Hartford, Connecticut
  I am a stay at home mom and my blog is dedicated to my 2 1/2 year old son, Joey who... More
I've lived with mental illness for most of my life. It started out as Depression in my teens, and... More

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I'm not a physician but have dealt with swellings of my own or my sons - even my dog :D.  If you are otherwise healhty it may have been an insect bite or an allergic reaction to  some food you ate.  Also - our bodies are not
just sometimes? I can tell you from my own experience my face sweels in the morning mostly from allergies. I sneeze, wheeze and after I sit upright...
Does she have lupus?  (You posted in the lupus community) Because 1 year old is so young, an infection can become a serious thing quite quickly.  You need to check often if she has a fever, and if one develops, get her to a
Tired, swollen, and hungry - pregnancy or lupus? by Sara G. Patient Expert and swollen stinks - the feet, the fingers, even the face - it can seem as though no body part is left... territory. Take the flu, for instance - you're feeling run down, have tender or swollen glands, and feel...
The Face of a Child by A. Brewster S. Patient Expert My grandsons have beautiful skin.  Their skin glows with health and youth.  While, mine, on the other hand, folds with wrinkles and old age.  It has been hard for me to believe that at my age I still am in need of acne t
Could Your Facing Out Buggy Be Delaying Your Child’s Development? by Nick B. Patient Expert about already!) In fact the majority of prams and buggies are designed in such a way that the child faces away... that pushing a child in a buggy facing out, could be just as detrimental to their development as the overuse...
Another heartbreaking child abuse story...4yr old beaten to death&disfigured!! by Patty .. Patient Expert someone who just beat her four year old son up to the point that his face was swollen,then they went to get married... was beaten with a hammer to the point his face was disfigured and his teeth to make identification difficult...
Type A Rehabber Forced to Face Facts by Francine H. Patient ExpertHealth Maven . I can do many familiar yoga poses, including pose of the child, because I am externally rotated in the hip... my legs at the knee. This may be forever. This means I can't do "cow-face" pose. I asked...
Child Placed in Foster Care Because State Does Not Approve of Parents Treatment For Autism by Ginger T. Patient Expert . When they visited him over the summer, they found his face swollen. He faded in and out of consciousness... for this family, but stay tuned for information. Child Abuse by the Government Sunday, February 17, 2008...
First Popsicle! by Heather .. Patient Expert Ethan experienced a child's rite of passage recently by enjoying his first popsicle. He made incredible faces during each bite (not good faces per se) but kept going back for more. Eventually the bottom...

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Complications ... disease (ARPKD), depending on the age of your baby or child. Neonatal complications ... » Read on
Treatment ... ually effective in treating otitis media with effusion. After a child has been assessed for the severity of the condition, and a ... » Read on