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dcepiano13 California
I am twenty two years old. I recently had to move back with my foster mom.  I lost my job a... More
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Juliana F. Acton, Massachusetts
I'm overcoming 10 years of nerve damage that had me down for the count, I'm now trying to come... More
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I work as a Medical Exercise Specialist in Kentucky. I am 52 years old, a former competitive... More

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Chest pain by Stuart G. Patient Expert of society, is becoming dangerous. My next call was to a 74 year-old who was complaining of chest pain... onto your chest and my first call was to a 57 year-old, in good health and with years of experience ‘pumping iron...
Chest pain relief? Anxiety related? by David M. Patient Expert , my breathing pattern has always been a bit dodgy. I now a really tight pain that is in my chest and spreads.... Could anyone give me an ideas how to stop the pain. It mainly hurts when I breathe in, cough, or swallow...
with bad chills, a mild fever, anxiety, and feeling nausious.I also have pain in my abdomen during the day... before. Try concentrating on deep breathing, extending the belly, not chest. These are simple, common sense things...
Wild and Herbal Medicine: How to Naturally Heal Coughs, Cuts, Aches, Pains & Allergies With Plantain Leaf by Tera W. Patient Expert !  Connect with Heather on facebook Raw Mom Aches & Pains? BREATHE! - by Althea Hughes... About Yourself! (And Access Our Body Enlightenment Program for FREE!) Natural Beauty: It’s About Thyme You Zap...
. And bone pain is usually in the joint where your arm meets your body. If you have risk factors for heart... I am sorry, you are having pain! The pain can catually be coming from many places...heart is one...
home treatments such as lemon tea and over-the-counter cough remedies are often effective in easing coughing. Best wishes Ian Hello, I am a 23 old female, who is suffuring from coughing and shortness...
Back Pain From Bad Foot Posture? by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook having proper foot posture can cause foot pain, arch pain, knee pain, hip pain and even low back pain. Check out our recent squidoo article: Get Rid of Foot Pain and Arch Pain. Why Proper Foot Support Is Important
If you are short of breath or have a fever, you should definitely see your doctor! What you may need depends on many other factors (age, previous conditions, your physical exam, and so on)
Body playing pranks by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven For the last few days, I've been having some discomfort in my chest. It is similar... longer breaks. My body is probably playing a prank by getting me all worried and then behaving...
!   With that said, many other things can cause chest pain.  Pneumonia is often associated w/cough, phlegm and fever.  Pleurisy... in the esophagus leads to chest pain, although I can't explain the association w/coughing, sneezing, laughing or...

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Symptoms ... tis. The cough can be extremely irritating, as it can make your chest hurt and disturb your sleep. If you have ... » Read on
Introduction ... e winter months, from October to April. Complications such as a chest infection can affect people who are elderly, or those with ... » Read on