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in your center chest and can travel to your left OR right arm, your jaw and neck.(but not... shoulder pain that can go down your arm. Muscle or nerve pain usually happens when you move your arm...
on.  Musculoskeletal trauma could certainly explain stabbing pain w/movement of your right arm.  Rib fracture, costochondritis and/or bruised/strained intercostals could explain pain w/breathing...
I assume your son's physical injuries have/are being treated, but it sounds as if his mental injuries aren't. These can be as damaging to his health as the physical ones, perhaps even more so. A good starting point would
. After that ever since then I been having chest pains they never go away I been like this for 4 Months already they really bothered alot can't... but I still get this chest pains . Well if you guys could take the time and read what I'm going throu and give me any advice...
Pilates Exercise Tip: Chest Release for Pain-Free Arms & Shoulders on Overhead Arm Exercises by Aliesa George Patient Expert your Pilates clients ever struggle with shoulder pain or limited range of motion to lift the arms overhead... cue/secret to help reduce shoulder pain and increase your range of motion to more easily lift the arms...
If the problem is not chemical then I agree that moodgym can help. There are others like clarifylife has more the comparison. Nevertheless they both require being ok with using a computer to delve into issues. If use o
risk of having it - overweight and unfit? Do you have chest pain or tightness, or have you noticed any of the following: Confusion Blurred or poor vision in one or both eyes Numb or weak feeling in the face, arm or...
Serratus Posterior Superior – Third layer down, relieves arm numbness by Paul B. Healthy Living Professional A client recently came to me complaining about the numbness on the posterior forearm and into his shoulder.  My initial thought was that it was infraspinatus related, from the shoulder referred pain...
Why do I have Numbness and Tingling down my Arm but no Pain? by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Numbness & Tingling In The Arms This is fairly common. It all depends on which nerve...% without tingling and numbness or pain for that matter. Both ice and heat can also be used to speed muscle recovery...
Is Your Leg Pain or Numbness From Your Back? by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty San Francisco Chiropractor Comments: We have been helping patients with leg pain and numbness... if you are experiencing leg pain, numbness, or weakness. A good chiropractor is probably your best bet. Chiropractors...

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Complications ... is a life-threatening condition that causes breathing problems, chest pain, and fever. The exact cause of acute chest syndrome i ... » Read on
Symptoms ... in your body, and runs from your heart, down the center of your chest, and through your abdomen. The walls of ... » Read on