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MedicalMalpracticeCarbondale Carbondale, Illinois
Medical Malpractice Carbondale IL  Alleman & Hicks Attorneys At Law, is conveniently... More
scottmoran California
What's better than assessing risk? As a risk management manager I supervise a team of analysts and... More
Allison Ward Columbia, Maryland
I am 37 and stage IV metestastic ovarian cancer. I was diagnosed two years ago and have had... More
The Web site of The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention ( More
Mitnishwhite California
Ripped Muscle X is very much in fashion. Ripped Muscle X is an unpopular scheme to find just the... More

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The Statistics of Chemotherapy - May 7, 2014 by Steve K. Patient Expert I shall apologize in advance for not having the time to do exhaustive research on statistics... apologize for my anti-chemotherapy bias.  I fully understand that having cancer (of any type) is a scary...
Drug Protects Heart in Children Receiving Common Chemotherapy by Drug Protects Heart in Children Receiving Common Chemotherapy... chemotherapy—children in the study had the same risks of long-term recurrence and development of a second...
Cetuximab Plus Chemotherapy Extends Survival for Advanced Lung Cancer by Cetuximab Plus Chemotherapy Extends Survival for Advanced...) plus chemotherapy lived on average 5 weeks longer than patients who received chemotherapy...
The Effect on Survival of Continuing Chemotherapy to Near Death by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy found:  About one tenth (8.5%) of patients who had ever received chemotherapy were still receiving chemotherapy... statistical approaches.  These patients were also much less likely to receive hospice care or and more likely...
chemotherapy and polypharmacy by Jennifer J. Patient Expert and research-based data, and statistics. For my part, I read everything carefully, and check its source..., but many more exclude seniors in their study population. Some have studied chemotherapy (defined as any prescribed...
Tough Enough? by Laurie P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven there are no statistics available to answer my question. Dr. Schmidt is erring on the side of caution and listening...
Study: Bone drug helps chemo fig ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor — a much more common situation. Its leaders gave a mini-report Thursday on 205 participants who had chemotherapy... but it is not statistically significant," said that study's leader, Dr. James Ingle of the Mayo Clinic...
Hi leticia! It's great that you are thinking about your diet during chemo.  What you eat can be as important to your "feeling good during treatment" as your meds. Food in general should be very gentle on your system right n
Hello, I am sorry that you have to undergo chemo. I found the book AntiCancer ( a great resource for diet and supplement info while undergoing ch
Yoga Statistics, an Indian Travel (B)Log, and Finding Bliss by Diane C. Patient Expert A few days ago, Yoga Journal released another Yoga in America market study. This study comes four years after the last one. You can see all of the statistics here, but the general gist...

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Treatment ... nt may include cortisol inhibiting drugs, surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. If the syndrome is due to high doses of stero ... » Read on
Treatment ... eness. Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells.  ... » Read on