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ANAD Highland Park, Illinois
It all began with the love of a mother for her daughter. In the early 1970's, Vivian Meehan,... More
Dr. Parker Ephrata, Pennsylvania
Dr. David Parker is an expert in chiropractic and back pain, who has helped over 6,000 people in... More
ggridley Syracuse, Utah
Marathon swimmer, training to swim across the English Channel in Aug, 2012.
Patty B. Granbury, Texas
I lost a kidney and have just recently found a path to take because a Doctor took the time to... More
drew50 California
Hi, I'm an English, ex-teacher who has lived for the past 25 years in the Netherlands... More

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Documented involvement of viruses in ME/CFS by Margaret Williams by Andrea P. Patient Expert Permission to Repost Documented involvement of viruses in ME/CFS Margaret Williams 30th December 2009 For decades it has been known and shown that viruses play a role in ME/CFS...
Designations List by FDA coolwater finfish and channel catfish For the control of mortality in freshwater-reared coolwater finfish and channel catfish due to external columnaris disease associated with Flavobacterium columnare 12/1/2005...
Autism and Other Inconvenient Science Truths by Kim S. Patient Expert ." Surprising as finding measles virus,  chronic streptococcus and heavy metals in those diagnosed with Autism... to Produce Deadly Virus "Vaccines aren't supposed to cause disease. But that appears to be what's...
Aquaculture and Aquaculture Drugs Basics by FDA grow a wide range of fish species -- trout, salmon, bluegill, largemouth bass, walleye, channel catfish..., for repopulating ponds, rivers, and streams, and for the aquarium trade. Finfish such as catfish, salmon, trout...
Vitamin C Prevents Vaccination Side Effects; Increases Effectiveness By Orthomolecular Medicine News by Kristen S. Patient Expert in channel catfish. The Journal of Nutrition 115:123-13 Mokranjac, M. and C. Petrovic (1964) Vitamin C... and challenged with infectious bursal disease virus. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 74:145-152...
NOW WATCH HSV Hamburg vs Magdeburg Live Stream Feed Bundesliga Online by adnangilsz Magdeburg Bundesliga Channel, HSV Hamburg vs Magdeburg Live online coverage Watch HSV Hamburg vs...

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