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Cervix Dilation Diagram

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Cervical Dilation and Effacement by Deb .. Healthy Living Professional of the cervix. Dilation is measured in centimeters, from 0-10cm, and being at 10 cm means that you are fully...“Cervical dilation” and “effacement” are terms that you will hear your care provider talk
has a small cervix and she was unable to have a vaginal birth both times because of it. She only dilated to 1... cervix I recommend getting a C-Section done to avoid any problems. I think (and i really mean "think...
Knowing how dilated and effaced I am gives me a weird sense of accomplishment by Jennifer Patient ExpertHealth Maven of my appointments will be pants-on as well. Apparently, I will never get to know what my cervix is doing. I get that since I'm having a scheduled c-section and I have no history of going into labor early, checking my cervix...
I wish I was dilating, I could use the distraction by Jennifer Patient ExpertHealth Maven to deliver, but my body is not. I was a whopping 0 centimeters dilated last week and expect to hear... time. I'm bored out of my mind. Everything is set up and ready to go. Everything except my cervix...
My cervix lives in a place that is unreachable by Jennifer Patient ExpertHealth Maven , I could have reverted back to 0 cm. My cervix lives in a place that is unreachable by my hands in this large condition... maybe help dilation or something. I am fuzzy on the details. It's a comfy sit, that is until you want...
Beyond the cervix.... by Sunshine .. Patient Expert that she was fully dilated, no moving back cervical lips. Hands out of the vagina and hands off the cervix... that sometimes she herself or her partner doesn't have. In short we have access to her cervix and its nuances...
Introduction to the Cervix by findingeve Patient Expert effective (usually because the cervix has dilated too much) at about 50% success. Well, that is a brief... The word cervix has only recently come to refer almost exclusively to the portion of the uterus...
At Your Cervix by Kathryn H. Patient Expert .  I am so grateful to the moms who patiently let me fumble around to determine how far dilated...
When did this happen? by Jennifer Patient ExpertHealth Maven I dilated! How very unexpected that news was. The doctor said I was dilated almost 2... I have to dilated when I am in actual painful labor. If I dilate 2 cm every 6 days, I'll be at 10 cm on September...
way cool stuff by Kim C. Patient Expert of the uterus is thick evenly around all sides, above, below, behind. As the cervix starts thinning and dilating... on how to check cervical dilation without an internal exam. Some of the information I knew already, but a few...

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How it is performed ... a vaginal examination, a cervical smear test (if appropriate), and i ... » Read on
Why it is necessary ... g the pregnancy, a greater chance that the cervix will dilate slowly, if their baby is ... » Read on