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ChyvonneB Ohio, Ohio
I am currently on disability from my job due to Cervical Dystonia.  In additon, I have... More
TONI crestview, Florida
   i live in the panhandle of florida. i have been on disablity for 18 years for... More
Dr Larry Dublin, California
Dr. Lawrence Callaway graduated Summa Cum Laude, with highest honors, from Life Chiropractic... More
charaka hyderabad, IN
Renowned traditional & speciality Ayurveda Panchakarma therapy centre providing best &... More
Lisa Clifton Park, New York
I am a gluten-free, stay-at-home mom of one.  I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in... More

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Cervical disk prolapse, headaches and Botox by Dr. Alexander Mauskop Medical Doctor Prolapse or herniation of the upper cervical disc is known to cause not only neck pain...) on 50 patients who had prolapse of lower cervical disks and used as controls 50 patients with lumbar...
Cervical Spinal Decompression For Herniated Discs in the Neck by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty something interesting--It's not uncommon for cervical disc herniation sufferers to actually think they have carpal... that there is a herniated disc in the cervical spine. I know it sounds funny, but the symptoms are actually...
Cervical Herniated Discs. Some Nonsurgical Treatment Options by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty that should seriously be considered BEFORE you subject yourself to cervical spinal surgery, which can be very risky...
Your cervix can certainly drop or prolapse with age and become more noticeably out of place....  There may also be some relative shortening as the cervix and uterus drops down or prolapses.  The bladder and even the rectum...
Yes, prolapsed organs can be painful, especially tissues that aren't normally exposed to rough touch, eg clothing, and can bleed as a result.  However, you're the only one who can judge how much pain...
A Cervical Sprain or Cervical Strain in the Neck ? by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook A cervical strain/sprain injury can happen many ways- a fall, whiplash from an accident... type of injury- what does that mean exactly and what is the ? Cervical Strain A strain mostly refers...
The Normal Cervical Curve in the Neck by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook The cervical curve in the neck is supposed to be a “C” shape. There are 7 vertebrae or bones... is known as the axis. If I look at a “lateral” cervical spine (meaning from the side) x-ray- the spine...
Cervical Kyphosis or Military Neck can be the Cause of Neck Pain by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook , someone may have prescribed you to get a neck x-ray. Also known as a cervical x-ray - this often involves looking...) of the cervical spine. A normal neck x-ray from the side (lateral) should a “C” Curve in it. The significance...
Check out the Arc4life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow available at  This is a great... or bulging discs in the cervical spine. You can sleep on your side or on your back with this cervical
I don't know of a clearly established cure for human papilloma virus (HPV), except the ability of some people to clear the virus through their own immune system. Therefore a focus on boosting (or at least not inhibiting) you

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Why it is necessary ... e the most common. Approximately 3,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year and approximately 7,000 women are dia ... » Read on
Introduction ... ormally held in place by various muscles, tissue and ligaments. Prolapse of the uterus occurs when the muscles supporting the ut ... » Read on