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On February 8, 2009 Joey, our bundle of joy arrived five weeks early! A few days later we learned... More
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There are better setups you can help yourself with bigg boss 6. All this glitters is not bigg... More
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Brain Death vs. Cardiac Death in Organ Donors by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven death. We're familiar with organ donation after a patient has been declared brain dead. However, organs can also be used for transplantation after a patient experiences cardiac death--after life support...
Near Death Experiences...Brain Waves Surge Just Prior To Death by NatashaCall Patient ExpertFacebook Discovery News > Human News > Brain Waves Surge Moments Before DeathBRAIN WAVES SURGE MOMENTS BEFORE DEATHSurges in brain activity just before death were seen in a study of seven... You want to read
Photos reveal unique features of Einstein's cerebral cortex by Dr. Brian M. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Photographs taken shortly after his death, but never before analysed in detail, have now revealed... cerebral cortex”, especially in the prefrontal cortex, and also parietal lobes and visual cortex....
MedSpa Carboxytherapy Death? by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven A Florida woman is brain dead after a MedSpa treatment went horribly wrong: People need to realize that funky injection therapies are not FDA approved and that means you are experimenting with your body. When you l
Haywire brain chemical linked to sudden baby death by pvedmom Patient ExpertHealth Maven healthy babies - sudden infant death syndrome. Autopsied brain tissue from SIDS babies first raised suspicion that an imbalance in serotonin might be behind what once was called crib death. But specialists...
Sudden Cardiac Death - It's the brain, stupid! by Dr. Dan Weiss Health Maven arrest and death (SCD) within minutes if left untreated. It was always - naturally - assumed... deaths that occur annually in the US alone. Those individuals identified as at high risk for VF...
Yes, Brain Death Means You Are Really Dead! by Bob Aronson Patient Expert Organ Donor Network put it best, “There are more tests to establish death done on potential organ donors... who have written extensively about brain death and who were part of the process that developed the rules for making...
How common is sudden brain death ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Sudden cardiac death is the  most common cause of instant death.  We know , heart... of   brain  function after death makes the  human heart transplantation  possible. Even  as we “wow...
The Death(s) of Usher's Stepson Kile Glover by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy The confusion between brain death and death is probably not going to dissipate anytime... that Dr. Masel was misquoted.  Brain death is statutorily defined as the "irreversible cessation...
6th International Symposium on Brain Death and Disorders of Consciousness by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy The 6th International Symposium on Brain Death and Disorders of Consciousness will be held, in Havana, Cuba, on December 3-6, 2013.  There are two main themes: BRAIN DEATH Conceptual...

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Introduction Diagnosing death There are two ways that death can be dia ... » Read on
Treatment ... Before the use of life support machines, people with brain stem death would almost always die within minutes. Today, body cells ... » Read on