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Product Reviews: Erewhon Organic Corn Flakes cereal & Strawberry Crisp cereal (gluten free) by Karen .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Mmmm, gluten free cereal- one of my favorite snacks. Erewhon sent me a box full of their gluten free cereals- some I loved, and some not-so-much.  I initially tried the corn flake  varieties...
Sprouted Groat Cereal- The Original Breakfast Cereal by Amy R. Patient Expert production, and boxed cereals, oat groats, and whole wheat kernels were the breakfast our ancestors ate.... Partially sprouted oat groats make a great base for cereal with fruit on top!!  We added yogurt...
that's good news for me because most of the cereals i like are on the recommended list. i've......they are kind of a healthy Cap'n Crunch. One cereal that is awful is Ezekiel cereal. I guess it's supposed...
Product Review: Kashi High Fibre Flakes & Granola Cereal by Sagan Patient Expert for a more advanced exercise. Product Review: Kashi High Fibre Flakes & Granola Cereal You all know that I'm not big on cereals and packaged/processed foods when it comes to health (taste is another matter entirely...
It may still be early to start your baby on cereal.  Guidelines are to start not before 16 weeks.  Why do you need food to help your baby sleep?  When she is 16 weeks, you can try to start her on rice cereal
Navigating the Cereal Aisle in World Full of Sugar by Carolyn C. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Cereal can either be a nutritious food or  an excuse for dessert (think “Lucky Charms”), depending on what’s in your bowl. Navigating the cereal aisle in the grocery store has become increasingly...
Product Review: Glutino Berry Sensible Beginnings cereal by Karen .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven This is one of my favorite cereals at the moment, I love it for breakfast or as a late night snack when I want to avoid a rich or sugary dessert before bed. This cereal from Glutino is a combination of hearty
10 Best New Healthy Breakfast Cereals by Donna Patient ExpertHealth Maven 10 Best New Healthy Breakfast Cereals Kind of surprised at the sugar content though. As a rule from my WW days, I look for cereals with less than 10 g's of sugar. 
Are Cheerios A Healthy Cereal? | Ask The Fitness Nerd by Matt C. Patient Expert Are Cheerios a Healthy Cereal Choice? We Take A Look At The Nutritional Profile of One Of America’s Favorite Cereals and Let You Decide. Dear Fitness Nerd, Are Cheerios a healthy cereal? I’m...
Breakfast Cereal by Amy R. Patient Expert , Mary Kathryn, and Janet     Breakfast Cereal Tatiana   wanted to know my opinion of breakfast cereals. My kids love cereal. (obviously I named my 10 year old cereal boy for this blog). Luckily...

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