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John Evans California
     I am a 41yr old man. I've been an electrician for 22yrs, most of which... More
jwillis46 California
I live in central Texas and work for a major University as a network and computer systems... More
Mark Pegram California
I am educated as a mechanical engineer and currently engaged in representing packaging equipment... More
lighthousewellness California
Lighthouse Family Wellness Center is an integrative chiropractic and naturopathic wellness... More
Jazzy London, UK
Hi, my name is Genie. I'm 35 years old and I'm from London, UK. I've got Level 2 Certificate in... More

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome help is here (Geek News Central) by Helge V. K. Patient Expert diagnostics, treatment and theraphy after surgery. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome help is here (Geek News Central...
Root Canals vs. Implants (We Say “Neither”) by The Verigin Dental Health Team Doctor of Dentistry of root canals – procedures done in lieu of extractions of deeply decayed teeth and which result...… For years, it was common practice for dentists to perform repeat root canals and other procedures to save...
Root Canals Are a Chronic Focus, Part 2 by The Verigin Dental Health Team Doctor of Dentistry Read Part 1, “What Weston Price REALLY Learned About Root Canals” From the May 2014 issue... root canal research. This work is often misunderstood. Many people – in his own time and today...
Floodwaters receeding in Central Pennsylvania by Dr. Christopher C. Medical Doctor the same as they always did. We have had several days of flood here in central Pennsylvania. Tropical Storm Lee sat over western Pennsylvania, spinning.... got too deep for cars to make it through. A canal runs through Danville where goods used to be floated...
Getting Things Done: Taxes & Root Canals by Michael Gorsline Healthy Living Professional Erin, my wife, told me that she ended up with both our accountant appointment and her root canal slated... central to the work I do with most clients. If you often find yourself feel stressed...
Comedy Central by Funny Old Life Healthy Living Professional (this was a new one to me!), apparently this opens the ear canal by 20% and the resulting earmould...
Missed Canals Cause Root Canal Failure by Dr. Jason Hales Doctor of Dentistry endodontic therapy fails.  In a previous post , we discussed the role of bacteria in root canal failure despite the separation of a rotary instrument. Root canal failure, as well as failure of any dental...
San Francisco Carpal Tunnel Treatment Center comments: Herniated Discs of the Cervical Spine cause the same Symptoms as CTS by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Herniated Cervical Discs present with the same signs and symptoms. Hand pain. Numbness and Tingling. Burning, Aching, Throbbing hands. Weakness of grip. Night pain, although this is more common wi
San Francisco Carpal Tunnel Injury Center comments on "Postural Syndrome"-a repetitive stress injury involving the nec by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty It's been a while since I wrote about RSI. Here is a comment I made on the RSI-Relief Blog in response to a great article about the often misdiagnosed and misunderstood  " Postural Syndrome" : I have treated RSI patients a
CASDA National Autism Strategy Is Not A REAL National Autism Strategy: It Does Not Help Canadian Autistic Children and Adults by Harold L D. Patient Expert that are in the works that should be made public shortly The Honourable Jim Munson, Senator, Ottawa-Rideau Canal...

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