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Dr Michael Rogers Arlington, Virginia
Dr. Rogers is a native of Southern California. He graduated with honors from Harvard University in... More
natalie California
im 23 i was diagnosd with epilepsy. and i have a syst in my sinus cavity. so im trying to stay as... More
Terri Burlington, Iowa
Ava~Hope for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. I am passionate about teaching parents how to... More
Tyrellbarre alaska, Alaska
I am a dentist who could help you know all about cavities and how to fight them.

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Gummy Bears That Fight Cavities! by Dr. Brett K. Doctor of ChiropractyHealth Maven bears made with xylitol ward off cavity-causing bacteria.  A study in Washington State gathered 154... associated with cavities for the children who snacked on the xylitol and maltitol candy. The gummy bears...
CPR study: Nix the mouth-to-mout... by passion4living Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook CPR study: Nix the mouth-to-mouth Heart attack victims fare twice as well with chest compressions only than with mouth-to-mouth too. By Thomas H. Maugh II, Times Staff Writer March 16, 2007 Overturn
How do I know if a cavity is remineralizing? by Dr. Ellie Phillips Hi Dr. Ellie, I have question for you. How do I know if a cavity is remineralizing... - how do you know if a cavity is healing? Good question! It somewhat depends on the way that you discovered...
Healing Cavities by Dr. Ellie Phillips Hi Dr. Ellie! Thank you so much for your great information about remineralizing cavities... would the cavity have to be before your system would either not work or at least not be as effective? For example...
All About Cavities by Dr. Syed L. Doctor of Dentistry protective layer, the enamel. A cavity forms when the tooth decay breaks through the enamel to the underlying layers of the tooth. You can reverse a caries lesion (before it becomes a cavity) by using a variety...
The abscess cavity - full of Chapman by Garth M. Patient Expert has been made, however there remains are sizeable amount of pus within the loculated abscess cavity. Clare Chapman... from the abscess cavity, not even the tiniest drop of this infectious scum must be left in place to wreak...
Never Had a Cavity by Dr. Ellie Phillips Dr. Ellie, I have never had a cavity and have healthy teeth. My current system only involves..., which do you recommend, especially for a person like me who has never had a cavity at age 24? Thanks, AJ Hi AJ...
Carbohydrates and Cavities by Matt M. Patient Expert Everyone knows that sugar can cause cavities, but few know that other forms of carbohydrates... "healthy foods" like bread or cereal.  Of course, one of the biggest cavity-producers out there is soda...
Bad Cavities by Dr. Ellie Phillips can reverse small cavities. However, what about larger ones? My son has 4 cavities between two sets of molars... you have seen a bad cavity reverse itself. Thank you! BS Hi BS, The answer depends on many factors. If cavities...
Kids and Cavities, Fillings and Food by The Verigin Dental Health Team Doctor of Dentistry Finizio/Flickr What’s the best material for treating filling cavities in your children’s..., there is a not a clear winner among the types of fillings used to repair childhood cavities, according to a new...

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