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Road Trip, Kartchner Caverns and the Commodores by Commodore Patient Expert to Kartchner Caverns in Benson, AZ. Such a great story, two Cavers go down a sinkhole on the side of a mountain..., sniff, I was so proud of him when he stamped his first park into the book. Kartchner Caverns...
Mouse Model for Cerebral Cavernous Malformation, an Inherited Brain Disorder by Description of Invention: Cerebral Cavernous Malformation (CCM) is a brain disease affecting up to 0.5% of the worldwide population. CCM is characterized by grossly dilated vessels prone...
The Cavern by derrick m. Healthy Living Professional Besame besame mucho, Each time I bring you a kiss I hear music divine. So besame besame mucho, I love you for ever, Say that you’ll always be mine. – dk Boom, cha, cha, cha! It was probably a good thing we cut our t
Hemangioma musings... by Clare Patient Expert Just a little fall picture. This shows how big her hemangioma is. I really don't even notice it anymore, but every now and then I'm like, wow, that's big! I try to see, when we're out, if I notice people looking at her.
Genetics Home Reference: Maffucci Syndrome by angiomatosis dyschondroplasia and cavernous hemangioma enchondromatosis with hemangiomata hemangiomata with dyschondroplasia hemangiomatosis chondrodystrophica Kast syndrome multiple angiomas and endochondromas...
A Pill To Prevent Brain Surgery? by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy studying an abnormality of the brain’s blood vessels. Cerebral cavernous malformation (CCM), alternatively known as cavernous angioma, occurs when the small blood vessels of the brain grow abnormally large...
Phew...Hemangioma Surgery Report by Clare Patient Expert Before and After: Thank God that's over. The quick version, because I have tons of emails from my students to answer about a lab that's due because I wasn't in school today or yesterday. We were scheduled for a 10:30 su
Bella was kissed by an angel and that makes her extra special.... by Helene Patient Expert I took Bella for her surgery consult yesterday to discuss the removal of her hemangioma scar. It was an informative appointment but also one which left me feeling anxious and unsure, initially. Here's some history....Bel
Funny faces by Clare Patient Expert I took these pictures 2 weeks ago. Such a little pickle! The last picture show how much her hemangioma has changed in 2 months. Barely visible on day 1.
The Appointment by Clare Patient Expert Today was our appointment in NYC for the surgical consult with Dr. Waner about Andra's hemangioma. We got there right on time...and then waited nearly 2 1/2 hours. It was a tiny waiting room with lots of people all waiting

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Introduction ... mbranes that form the brain coverings) Haemangioma (tumors of the brains blood vessels ... » Read on
Complications ... biotics orally or injecting them into a vein. Cavernous sinus thrombosis This is a rare cond ... » Read on