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Dear Bigon77, I have read and heard of some anecdotal (stories by real people, not verified by study) incidence of vaginal bleeding.  Best to inform your prescribing practitioner and see...
who are sexually active, we have to worry about transmission of infections, especially if one's vaginal discharge... virus) which can cause cervical cancer.     Assuming that you don't want any children right...
vaginal pH, and will resolve in a few more days.  If this persists, ask your family physician to look...
vaginitis leading to the discharge & smell.  Best to go see your family physician...
Bleeding after a bowel movement can be from hemorrhoids even though you really think it came from the vagina...the other blood could have been a part of your period cycle. I would make an appointment with my OB just to mak
Pregnant vaginal discharge by AtYourCervix Patient Expert Leukorrhea: the normal discharge of pregnancy.  Can be white, creamy, or clear.  Yes, it increases...! But, if you have anything that is Clumpy like cottage cheese Green Yellow Grey Frothy Itchy Burns Smells bad Pink/red/purple/brown/black...
Examining Candida Causes by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert when there is abnormal growth of yeast in the vagina that causes vaginal burning, itching and discharge... after menopause. The first symptom of vaginal yeast infection is noticing a white cheesy discharge...
it is probably break through bleeding which sometimes happens while on birth control.  Brown is just an indicator of "old" blood and usually isn't concern worthy
Comprehensive Info Pure Vaginal Candidiasis Remedies – 3 Valuable Remedies To your Vaginal Candidiasis by Movements Afoot Healthy Living Professional immunity may be caused simply by several factors and also the major you’re diseases including diabetes... of such fungus growths on the bodies which might be mainly caused thanks to lack connected with cleanliness...
Can I be pregnant and still have vaginal bleeding? by April G. or chills bleeding that lasts more than 24 hours Other common causes of vaginal bleeding in early.... So it is more likely to bleed. Sexual intercourse during pregnancy can sometimes cause a small amount of vaginal...

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