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Causes Of White Spots On My Head

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to evalute the white spots.  Or you might want to ask for a second opinion, in which case you might consider...
Unfortunately it is impossible for me to diagnose your problem over the internet.  But I can tell you that you should not trivialize this white spot that is causing your tongue to swell.  I would advise...
I would really need to know if the spot is new or if it has been there awhile.  Has your child been vaccinated in that place?  Need more information before I can give a proper answer.
to hear of all your good results. I bet yur spotting was all cause by endometrial polyps. Years ago...*  She said that it MAY be the cause of the constant spotting as well as the appearance of the thickened endometrium.  (I have noticed...
White heads are typically either cysts or pimples.  The former shouldn't be painful, assuming...).  Pimples are pus-filled infections.  Larger collections are called abscesses.  I suppose some white spots...
of pain, headache and head pain can be an important message from the body that something needs attention - so it is very important to get fully checked out by your doctor or GP.  Once you have done that and eliminated any physical cause...
Hi Sassione13, I believe I have several of exactly the same little spots in the skin...:// Hi Sassione13, I decided...
White Spots on Teeth by Dr. Ellie Phillips . Is this dental fluorosis? What would cause it to show up now? Thank you, LC Hi LC, White spots... has to remain on the tooth surface undisturbed for three weeks for the acids from plaque to cause white spot...
White Spots on Teeth by Dr. Ellie Phillips with her health ) and I would like to ask you the possible causes of the white spots and the further treatment... is that your daughter's white spots are not caused by decay but perhaps from ingesting too much fluoride...
I would check the ingredients in your oral care products. Colgate Total contains triclosan (as an active ingredient )and triclosan reacts with chlorine in tap water to form chloroform - which may irritate his skin. Creat Pr

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