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roscom Cronulla, AU
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Teen tries to quiet the voices caused by schizophrenia - CNN Article by Untreatable .. Patient Expert (CNN) -- The intrusive voices popped into William "Bill" Garrett's head. "They're coming for you," the voices told the 18-year-old. "Find somewhere to hide; they're going to get you." In the left...
No Insomnia, Cause I'm Zonked Out of My Mind by Puglet .. Patient Expert and remarkably calm. M comes to pick me up and my upper legs don't want to move. It's kind of fun. My voice has deepened three octaves from the drugs and I sound like a manly man. We got to the pharmacy to pick...
“The Cause of Ulcers is Bacteria” Makes as Much Sense as “The Cause of Car Accidents is Cars” by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy If I were to look at you, and say, in a serious tone of voice, “The cause of car accidents... “the cause of ulcers is bacteria”. The two statements are similar because only a small percentage of cars...
Triathlon for a Cause by fatgirl2fitgirl Healthy Living Professional Last week, I wrote about hesitation. Those little voices in our heads that make us think we can’t do something. Or maybe those voices just make us think “What’s the big deal if we don’t do that?” I’ve struggled...
A Common Cause of Respiratory Difficulties: Laryngeal Paralysis by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine voice changes, have to work harder to breathe, and collapse. Stress and hot weather...
Poll: Which inner voice carries the most weight when you’re deciding what to eat? by Sagan Patient Expert with something, and that I need to identify my mood at the time and figure out what the root cause is. Then I can work on changing... you can! Nicole gave me a worksheet which describes the different “voices” going on in our bodies...
How Our Cravings and Attachments Cause Our Pain And Suffering, Part 2 by Albert F. Patient Expert others to give them what they want. And so the anguish they cause is not restricted to themselves. Another becomes a doormat...? The Object Does Not Cause The Pain And so we come to the most common misconception that needs to be cleared...
, including liver, mouth, throat, larynx (the voice box), and esophagus; high blood pressure...
Other Voices : Trail Markers by Mark .. Patient Expert Alan Tanner : trail convert Do you remember what it was like when you ran trail for the first time, and everything was new and strange? There is a big difference between road and trail, and things that I now do b
Scientific Research On The Causes Of Schizophrenia Is Inconclusive by Kate K. Patient Expert Today I was studying some of the more recent research at  about the causes... after college, around the time I began hearing voices, that I began to sympathize with her as she graduated...

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Treatment ... e characteristics, such as beard growth or the deepening of the voice. Genital reconstructive ... » Read on
Treatment ... he development of masculine features (hair growth and deepening voice). Drug names include danazol and gestrinone; gestrinone is ... » Read on