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i love soccer and have been playin since i was a kid but havent played in a min cause ive been so... More
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I have had a constant headache now for over 2 years with migraines coming at least 4=5 times a... More
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Hello. My name is Joshua Tucker. I am a Medical Massage Therapist with a decade of... More

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Rotator Cuff Tendonitis Cause and Diagnosis by Corry C. Patient Expert Those of you who have suffered from rotator cuff tendonitis before know how painful and debilitating it is. You can hardly move your arm without pain, sleep on the affected side, and experience pain and weakness when trying
Swollen Knee update! by Florence F. Patient Expert So in a post a couple of days ago, I posted a pic of me in the ER and my swollen as heck knee.  It had gotten so swollen and so full of fluid that I couldn't even walk! Well, I could walk...
Size isn't everything.  Sorry, I couldn't resist but in reality, joint size has no correlation to joint pain.  With that said, the list of causes for joint pain is myriad, starting with acute trauma...
Facet joint effusion and intersp... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor that cause facet joint effusion and interspinal ligament swelling," said Dr. Tarhan. ### This study...Facet joint effusion and interspinal ligament edema: major sources of lower back pain 02 oct 2008...
It is possible that a sunburn can cause swollen glads, but it's not likely.  Your swollen glads might be caused my some other condition.  Typical sunburn symptoms cause pain, redness, swelling and occasional
but can be very difficult to get rid of in its later stages and can cause permanent neurological and joint damage if left... Lyme. -Lyme that has been present for more than a week or two and has caused joint pain will require...
BV or bacterial vaginosis is typically caused by Gardnerella vaginalis.  Clue cells are epithelial... so it should not lead to swollen lymph nodes, certainly not in one's chest.   Typically, one is not aware...
Caveat: I am not a physician. Do you just feel swollen or are you swelling?  Have you checked in with your primary care provider to rule out medical issues that might be causing this feeling?   
Swollen lymph nodes are a symptom, that the body is fighting something. Since doctors cannot find the cause, the best thing for you to do is to strengthen your immune system, to aid the body in its fight...
Sounds like it could be an infection.  I would advise you seek emergency diagnosis froma dentist or hospital emergency room before it spreads into your neck or brain.

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Treatment ... hese can help with pain and stiffness. If your joints are badly swollen you may need to rest them until the symptoms ease, but a ... » Read on
Treatment ... asis, often during a flare-up. If you have a single inflamed or swollen joint, your doctor may inject a steroid into the joint. ... » Read on