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Swelling in your hands during a marathon is common.  There a few factors that can cause this; weather and electrolyte imbalance.  Warm weather, cold weather and altitude can cause your hands to swell
The lymph nodes in your body are part of the immune system, and can get inflamed and swollen if they're "working overtime" fighting an infection.  This tends to be particularly true for people with chronic fatigue syndrome or
fluid in the legs, ankles & feet.  Pioglitazone, a diabetes medicine, can lead to swelling in the legs... to have both legs, feet & ankles get infected at the same time, eg cellultis.  It's also possible but not likely...
Hoarseness can go along with the aspiration pneumonia from inflammation of the bronchi.  Her vocal cords might also have been affected.  The swelling in her feet and legs could indicate a secondary...
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?  You might want to check a pregnancy test to be absolutely sure.  If just your hands were going numb, I'd place bets on carpal tunnel syndrome or some type of overuse/repetitive use injury.    But if your hands...
Sore Feet by Romelette L. Patient Expert If I only have a Canon camera on hand right now I would take a picture of my feet and knees.... I thought at first it was cause by me drinking softdrinks and eating chips. Well, I think that’s...
mention this.  Infections can cause pain in hands & feet but it's not likely to have infections in two separate places at the same time.  Blood clots can cause pain but again it's rare to have them in two...
to swelling in the feet. My feet swell also at times...right now my right foot is swollen and it hurts...The reason for swelling could be the onset of arthiritis in some cases..could also indicate water...
Dear Christy, Do you notice this all the time? Or is it related to food ingestion or being outside? As Dr Lin notes, allergies can certainly cause these symptoms. If it happens continually...

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Symptoms ... vomiting, or sudden swelling of your feet, ankles, face and hands, and excessive wei ... » Read on
Symptoms ... feel bloated or constipated, have swelling in their feet, hands or face (edema), ... » Read on