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Causes Of Strawberry Tongue

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Can stress cause hives and what else causes them? by Lucy J. Patient Expert . Often the cause of acute hives is very clear: You eat strawberries and soon you look like one. Some people... Attention. If you’ve got hives bad enough that your tongue and mouth are bigger or if you can’t...
More likely than not, overgrowth of the little bumps on the tongue's surface has led to the discoloration.  The sores & blisters are more concerning for an (auto)immune disorder.  I suggest that you see
white coating on tongue could mean thrush, but it depends on several factors: is it there when you awaken? does it disappear after breakfast? where is it located on the tongue? tip? center? left side...
Unfortunately it is impossible for me to diagnose your problem over the internet.  But I can tell you that you should not trivialize this white spot that is causing your tongue to swell.  I would advise...
This is an impossible diagnosis to make by email.  You need to see a dentist pronto! Good Luck! Dr.R. 
'Smoking Gun' Documents Show Science Ignored in Approval of Cancer-Causing Strawberry Pesticide. by Stephen Tvedten Patient Expert -Causing Strawberry Pesticide Press Release Science and Environmental OAKLAND, Calif--(ENEWSPF)--August... that approved the cancer-causing strawberry pesticide methyl iodide favored the input of the chemical’s...
Viral Infection of the tongue by Sandy Patient Expert with the pneumonia I had been complaining about my tongue hurting so much and blistering, I was put on a mouth rinse... for today. The Dr. looked at my tongue and could not believe how awful it looked ! He wanted to check...
The most usual cause of this kind of problem is mouth breathing while sleeping.  When the room air is dry and there is mouth breathing, the tender surface of the tongue can become "dried out".  The tongue...
.  Although it is associated with diabetes and depression, cause is really unknown.  (Only one source noted that depression could result from BMS, rather than cause it.  Ya think???) Treatments include heavy-duty prescription drugs...
Tongue Scalloping: A Simple Marker for Sleep Apnea? by Dr. Steven P. Medical Doctor , but as I've stated before sleep apnea can cause hypothyroidism.   Take a look at your tongue in the mirror... mentioned is tongue scalloping (click here for picture). This is when you have impressions or ridges...

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