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Desi21 Richboro, Pennsylvania
I have had a constant headache now for over 2 years with migraines coming at least 4=5 times a... More
Tanya C. Merced, California
I'm 38, married 20 years with 2 kids ages 16 and 20. I'm a cellular and molecular biologist and... More
Dr. Vic Shayne, PhD Boulder, Colorado
For the last 20 years I have been involved in nutritional research, both personally and... More
lilylangtree2 East Brunswick, New Jersey
I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 1990 after countless efforts with my doctor to test me. She... More
Paul San Diego, California
Although it does not define who I am it has shaped my life for the past decade. The... More

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Anorexia does not cause starvation; we do. by Laura Patient Expert You know what? I'm tired of hearing anorexia described by what it does to the body: emaciation, slow heart rate, muscle wasting, bone loss, low temperature . Actually, anorexia does none of that. Malnutrition does tha
Staying out of Starvation Mode…. by Chris .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven and starvation. This can make us insulin resistant, mess with our blood sugars and make us feel downright... to shunt our bodies out of starvation mode, and this comes down to a few main factors: Feeling safe...
Brain starvation as we age appea ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Brain starvation as we age appears to trigger Alzheimer's Improving blood flow to brain is a preventive strategy CHICAGO, 25 dec 2008 --- A slow, chronic starvation of the brain as we age appears...
Nothing Says "I Love You" Like Starvation and a Bloodletting by Kymberli Patient Expert of a loop, because I've been living for six years with the knowledge that the cause of my infertility..., but he never gave a specific underlying cause of the anovulation. He prescribed Clomid, and 2 cycles later I was packing...
Q and A: Starvation Mode by Kelly .. Patient Expert your caloric consumption enough to lose weight, but not so much as to make your body go into starvation mode... without “going into starvation mode”? Thanks! Rebecca First, I have to say that to get a scientific answer...
Blog Action Day: Fighting Starvation by Lucky V. Patient Expert Poverty creates one of the world’s biggest problems: starvation. The depravation of food may create serious issues in the human body. Lack of nutrients may cause serious diseases due to poor intake...
Does starvation increase longevity? Not in monkeys. by Dr. Marion Nestle Doctor of Philosophy ? Starvation can hardly be good for health.  It causes weight loss, of course, but also a host of physiological... that are needed to maintain normal body weight.  I’d call this a starvation diet. An editorial accompanying...
Starvation gene’ could make resistance futile for ovarian cancer cells by Cancer Research UK Patient Expert to be involved in helping fat and liver cells recover from starvation. It now turns out this gene also plays... switch a cell’s energy sources from fat reserves back to glucose after a period of starvation...
Obesity As Starvation? by Matt M. Patient Expert calories available are lower than his energy expenditure; the CNS would sense starvation. Through decreased..., yet the brain signals them to eat even more.  As Gary Taubes showed, obesity is not directly caused...
The Cause Of Your Weight Gain by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional There are some medical exceptions but the cause of weight gain for most of us is that we love food... the major cause of weight gain. A caloric imbalance is the cause of weight gain (consuming more calories...

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Introduction ... as fat. This is the body's way of protecting itself in case of starvation. However, starvation in developed countries is extrem ... » Read on
Symptoms ... taking diet pills, over-exercising, extreme dieting, periods of starvation, or taking illegal drugs, such as amphetamines. ... » Read on