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Pinky Romford, UK
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JuanHarrell California
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ass hole in it and i basically had unprotected sex. A week later i started spotting but i t... before I finally got my monthly. It lasted for 4 to 5 days, I ovulated 4 days later, the very next day I spotted...
i had my period then two days later had protected sex. but after this the condom accidentaly drop... discharge. 3 days later i found a few spots of blood in this discharge.what could it mean...
i had sex on feb 14 n we had sex witout an today i have a discharge that is brown... been having a lot of sex lately. but im quite sure im infertile, because ive been sexual active for 5 years, with 18...
basis. This spotting is driving me crazy. Not to mention that my sex life is taking a beating... to hear of all your good results. I bet yur spotting was all cause by endometrial polyps. Years ago...
+ however, one of the causes of pain during sex can be that your vaginal tissues are dry and/or are thinning... that you have endometriosis. This condition can leave scar tissue and sometimes this can cause some pain.  Why don't...
No, there is no connection between having sex with your wife and experiencing memory loss. You may feel safe having sex with your wife and stop worrying about this.   Sexy Spiritual
antibodies generally decrease the effectiveness of birth control though I am entirely sure about the ring.   It is possible though that a pregnancy resulted
Dear Christine, Whew - I know what you mean. So many women find themselves in a similar position. Sometimes, other conditions or hormonal factors can make the perimenopausal symptoms worse.  I hate to recommend that you s
Hi Sassione13, I believe I have several of exactly the same little spots in the skin...:// Hi Sassione13, I decided...
No other spots have come up. Only the three existing ones. and they are just bald spots..., perhaps you won't have to do anything at this time.  Since we don't know for sure what these spots...

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Symptoms ... opment. These stages are known as Tanner stages, and were named after the child development expert, James Mourilyan Tanner, who ... » Read on
Symptoms ... Non-specific urethritis is an STD that affects men. It causes discomfort of the urethra (the tube that leads from the b ... » Read on