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Paul San Diego, California
Although it does not define who I am it has shaped my life for the past decade. The... More
Alix Silicon Valley, California
I am the founding editor of Med Nauseam Blog, which features research supporting dietary and... More
torr Gretna, Louisiana
I'm 29 years old. I have no children and I have never been married.  I'm scared to have... More
Nurse Alvin Dakis Quezon City, PH
Nurse Alvin has been actively involved in different advocacies and was exposed early in the... More
Herberdenko California
More or less, the same fact holds true for Oxitamin. But, that tactic works so damn well with... More

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which although is not any kind of serious health risk does cause dramatic symptoms. Is possible your husband...
Did you notice impaired speech after you pinched the nerve in your neck?  The most common... can cause neck pain or stiffness as well as symptoms down the arm.   ...
Cause of Gout May Slow Parkinson’s Progression by awesome Healthy Living Professional Two recent studies have found the high levels of urate, the cause of , may slow, or even help... to slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease. This study was published online, October 12, 2009...
The Cause of the Slow Economic Recovery? by Jason S. Patient Expert Could it be the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a Obamacare)?  Some small businesses think so.  The Washington Post speaks with a number of small business owners : These changes are less than a year away, and I still have n
CAUSES OF HEARING LOSS AND AUDITORY NEUROPATHY...VIDEO ON CUED SPEECH by Jodi Cutler Del Dottore Patient ExpertHealth Maven Causes of Deafness (lifted from Jamie Berke, strong, passionate... neurinoma, a lesser known cause of hearing loss. Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease (AIED) Autoimmune Inner Ear...
May cause dizziness, osteoporosis, and slow death . . . by Nicholas J. Patient Expert We recently wrote a blog for Hospial Impact that outlined a personal experience that “knocked me for a loop.”  The basic crux of the blog was a discovery recently made by me.   Remember, I’m NOT a physician, not a scientist,
Adult acquired speech, language and swallowing disorders by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook : Slurred speech (sounding as if drunk) Speaking softly or barely able to whisper Slow rate... that carries information from the brain and spinal cord to cause activity in a muscle or gland. speech disorder...
A Survivor Of Voice/Speech Recognition Speaks Out by Dr. Dalai Medical Doctor being to blame for workstation slowness and crashes (of course later we would learn that yes it was their software causing crashes and system performance issues), repeated promises to fix the problems...
Transcript of the President's Speech by Jennifer Jaff Patient Expert of how much damage this caused to our nation’s checkbook, consider this: In the last decade, if we had simply... this challenge before; we can do it again. But that starts by being honest about what’s causing our deficit...
Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) Was For Free Speech Before They Were Against It by Kim S. Patient Expert to a slow boil over the previous five years: whether a mercury-containing vaccine preservative called... relationships between exposures and outcomes.” The presentation caused one physician in attendance to remark...

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Treatment ... nd scarring to the myelin in your central nervous system, which causes MS relapses. Disease -modifying medicines are not s ... » Read on
Treatment ... brain, helping to restore the chemical imbalance that sometimes causes GAD. You cannot be prescribed venlafaxi ... » Read on