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Some Relief? Non-Arsey Neuro! by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven is that I may have had a nocturnal seizure last night.  I don’t know.  And yes, I told Non-Arsey Neuro about it.  Something’s wrong..., who knows? These things could all be Phonatory!” Phonatory, meaning my seizures are being caused by sound...
Absence seizures are seizures that generally last just a few seconds, and are characterized by a blank or "absent" stare. They're also sometimes called petit mal seizures. Absence seizures
him too?  Thanks -Kay-  Seizures may be caused by toxins, infections, trauma, or brain problems... while others result from causes that have yet to be determined. It is also possible that it wasn't the seizures...
Rock Band Can Cause Seizures! by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven !) but there is a warning on the back that it may cause seizures so I checked Rock Band and the warning is there as well... not since I've been on meds- I did have a seizure twice while I was driving before I knew...
New Multi Vaccine Causes Seizures by Marie L. Patient Expert causes seizures in people (p.s. Donald Rumsfeld was CEO of Searle at the time). If you're gonna... terms, nine of every 10,000 children receiving ProQuad suffered fever-related seizures, compared...
What would cause dizziness in a very fit athlete? by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor Athletes and other very fit people may feel dizzy when they rise from lying to standing because of their slow pulse rates. Exercise makes your heart stronger so it can pump more blood with each beat and it doesn't have to b
have been known to cause seizures in many cases.   There are herbs, vitamins, essential oils and homeopathic... that, as in humans, so-called pseudo seizures may be among these. These are almost impossible to differentiate...
So I Did Seize After All! by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven up.  Nor did I know (for sure?) if I seized last night.  Or, even if I had a nocturnal seizure.  I’ll....  All of this made me think: nocturnal motor seizure? No.  Now I just think it’s because I’m sick. I arrive at school.  Oh...
that may be what is causing the darkness in the bottom of your feet. I' not a physician and nowhere have I personally come across this.. I am sorry but I have no idea what might be causing this. One suggesiton is you might want to chart...
Autism and Seizures: Conor's Second Grand Mal Seizure (That We Know Of) by Harold L D. Patient Expert , several months before Conor's 1st known Grand Mal Seizure in November. As I posted then, external conditions... himself in the head. I don't  know what caused it, Conor lacks the communication skills to explain...

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