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eva vlore, AL
I am 30 years old...i am trying and trying to have a baby...but he seems tooooo far away...i have... More
Rudy S. Teaneck, New Jersey
hello my name is Rudy Sims I was born cerebral palsy and I am in a wheelchair. My interests I... More
Joe and Leanna OKC, Oklahoma
This blog is about a child that has Cerebral Palsy. This explains the therapy, the ups &... More
need name new york, New York
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What Is Cerebral Palsy? What Causes Cerebral Palsy? by Rudy S. Patient Expert This is a great article about Cerebral Palsy What Is Cerebral Palsy? What Causes Cerebral Palsy?
Malpractice defense: Chiropractic adjustment allegedly caused Bell’s Palsy by David W. Patient Expert Judgment for the Defense Chiropractic Adjustment Allegedly Caused Bell’s PalsyA 42-year-old man... claimed that the chiropractic manipulation of his neck caused Bell’s palsy. DEFENSE’S ARGUMENT...
cranial nerve.  Many of these same symptoms are seen in people with Bell's Palsy. The facial nerve....   If there has been an inflammatory response that has caused swelling along the nerve, the prednisone would reduce the swelling...
of the higher nerves can cause various sensations.  Pressure in the lower cervical nerves can cause tingling... Quick answer: Yes.  These kinds of sensations are controled by our nerves.  Alot of the time nerve
Did you notice impaired speech after you pinched the nerve in your neck?  The most common symptoms of a pinched nerve are: -Pain -Numbness -Incontinence -Impaired balance and coordination...
Megan, you mentioned that you have 6 concerts next week. Repetitive use your wrists and neck in a particular position can cause pain (overuse syndrome). Making sure to rest your wrists and hands...
causes of headaches.  Because your headache pain is always on the same side of your face and runs down...
I'm not a physician but I can make an educated guess that since it is two of your daughters it could be genetic - or related to your environment.  You do not say if you have other children who do not have I can als
Autonomic neuropathy affects the autonomic nervous system- those things in our body that are involuntary. For example: digestion, heart rate, emptying of the bladder, blood pressure. One of the symptoms of autonomic neuropat
Hydranencephaly and Cerebral Palsy by Ali Patient ExpertFacebook movement, it isn ’t caused by problems in the muscles or nerves. It is caused by abnormalities in parts... thatthis type of Cerebral Palsy is caused by brain damageor malformations that occur while a baby’s brain...

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Complications ... to be drooping on the side of the affected ear (known as facial nerve palsy). Without treatment, malignant otitis externa c ... » Read on
Treatment ... ystem. Baclofen works by blocking some of the nerve signals that cause muscle stiffness. ... » Read on