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Causes Of My Eye Blister

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You'd have to have a pretty severe sunburn to get blisters, in which case, it's doubtful you'd have blisters just around your ear (although we tend to forget to apply sunscreen to our ears).   I'm...
There are several things to consider...lots of activity in a pool, his/her shoes are too tight, running around barefoot, bites from red ants....If it doesn't clear up you should bring your 2 year old into the Dr's.  
If I were you I would immediately seek the attention of a dentist or physician to diagnose this condition that is impossible for me to evaluate through the email.  I am sure your local hospital emergency room can provide a de
, etc.  This last answer caught my eye becuase I eat significant amounts of nuts - mainly almonds and peanut butter. What in nuts might be causing this in our bodies?   I use to get blisters only under my rigt foot.I...
Foods To Stop Fever Blisters (Herpes Virus) by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven to make cold sores, genital blisters and other symptoms. You can stave the virus so it can't cause much trouble... Most people suffer a form of herpes virus at some point. Most commonly a cold sore "fever blister...
Thank you for your response i will definitely go back to GP. will post more info when i get to know what causing it. I would definitely talk to your doctor again.  It can be the start of migriane headaches...
like there could be nerve damage and that could be caused by trauma, infection, or other causes.  If just the lower lid appears droopy, sometimes it will look that way if the third eyelid (which covers the eye from the bottom...
If you are asking whether you should get something checked, then you should. You won't regret it. As for what this might be anything from muscle spasm to something strange. See a doctor. It could be any number of things from
It could be any one of a number of things. For example, it could be a primary infection caused..., this could also do it. Or if she has very prominant eyes (like those of pugs, and many small breeds) and if you notice a lot...
most likely a discharge of somekind.   NOT a good thing,  please get your parakeet to an avain veterinarian as soon as possible...

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Complications ... whitlow is a secondary infection of the cold sore virus, which causes painful sores and blisters on your fingers. It can occur ... » Read on
Symptoms ... nings of the body can be affected, as well as the cornea of the eye. Healing with scarring seen in some forms of EB can also lea ... » Read on