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mandy*moo16 California
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eva vlore, AL
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Francisco5827 California
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Blood and/or mucous in a dog's stool is never considered normal.  The seriousness of this depends on the cause.  Having enough intestinal worms (roundworms, hookworms) can cause this to happen
tract. One possibility is that the black you saw in her stool was from bleeding somewhere in the part... and then began eating right away, it's also possible that that hard "stool" she past was actually something she'd...
just to make sure she's ok.  I appreciate your responding to my inquiry.  Take care! I'm assuming the stool check... on?  Are the stools well-formed or are they loose?  Are the stools a normal color or lighter than normal? Be sure...
to pass stool since there was burning sensation. Yesterday, i consulted the family physician(I stay...,preservatives,methylparaben,propylparaben), anal cream(proctosedyl ointment)daflon 500 mg. My stool is bloodless...
Yellowish mucus at 36 weeks sounds like your mucus plug.  Nothing to worry about.  Your body is just getting ready to deliver.
because it can sometimes cause a severe (rarely fatal) intestinal condition (pseudomembranous colitis) due to a resistant.... Tell your doctor immediately if you develop persistent diarrhea, abdominal or stomach pain/cramping, or blood/mucus...
eliminate what is causing her stool problems in pretty short order.   If she were my dog, I would put...
Unfortunately, there are so many things that can cause this problem in young animals, it's impossible to say. He could have just become over-stressed by all the activity, or the change in food...
Antibiotics destroy the good, necessary and essential intestinal flora. Any time you take a course of antibiotics (any kind) you should replace the intestinal bacteria by eating yogurt daily and/or adding acidophilus and oth
Why Do Antibiotics Cause Diarrhea in Children ? by Debby H. Patient Expert you can do to help. What is Diarrhea? Diarrhea is generally watery or liquid stools.  We have all experienced... to a healthy state rather quickly. Why do antibiotics cause diarrhea? The answer is simple.  Your doctor...

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Symptoms ... appears dark in color, mucus in your stools , ... » Read on
Symptoms ... Troubling cough and wheeze - this is caused by the thick mucus in the lungs, which your body tries to shift by coughing i ... » Read on