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Chris M. Bend, Oregon
I have Hydrocephalus, a condition of the brain where spinal fluid dosen't properly drain,... More
clinicalpaints California
Clinical Paints is a research-focused company with a twenty-year legacy of product development... More
Paul San Diego, California
Although it does not define who I am it has shaped my life for the past decade. The... More
Sharon Naples, Florida
I am a math teacher at a middle school in Naples, Florida.  I was diagnosed with MS in Jan... More
KerriKnox San Francisco, California
I am a Functional Medicine Practitioner with 13 years of experience as a Registered Nurse in... More

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Even a better remedy, a natural one, yucca pills ("Nature's Way" brand.) Yucca is a plant with valuable saponin (alkaline) composition, which neutralizes acids. It is the plant's root. It can be bought in a produce market.
Oh, I forgot. If you smoke you can also get a metallic taste in your mouth. It's just a tobacco byproduct from chemicals, tar, ash, etc. That's a good question. Several things can cause...
If I were you I would immediately seek the attention of a dentist or physician to diagnose this condition that is impossible for me to evaluate through the email.  I am sure your local hospital emergency room can provide a de
irritated, this may cause increased motility and vomiting. Although this is a protective reflex... creatinine levels are a result rather than a cause. If his BUN is also elevated, then the probability is high...
- which may irritate his skin. Creat Pro Health products are often linked to oral sores and mouth sensitive reactions...) You may want to use Closys mouth rinse before you brush your teeth. Closys gets to work on gum disease...
Cause of mouth cancer linked to gum disease by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook papilloma virus, a sexually transmitted virus that can cause genital warts and may also have a role... a clinical high risk [for HPV-positive oral cancer].” The study looked at 124 patients with mouth cancer...
Ask the Doc: Can mouth symptoms be caused by gluten? by Alison S. Patient Expert Q. Could symptoms labeled as Burning Mouth Syndrome be caused by gluten intolerance?  These symptoms have been constant for 5 2/3 years and include pain in roof of mouth, tongue, cheeks...
What Causes Irritability In Menopause? by Andrea Patient Expert ScienceDaily (June 9, 2009) — Irritability is frequently the main presenting complaint of perimenopausal and postmenopausal women; yet, studies specifically researching on irritability in this population
  to the bacteria and irritation introduced at that time. After a while, an absess formed with pus composed... up  and caused the area to suddenly start to swell.  As it gets bigger and bigger, the animal often will spike...
the prescribing physician for advice ASAP just to be sure. Dry-mouth is a known, though uncommon side-effect. If you are experiencing this, then gum irritation may be causing the swelling. Ian

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Causes ... eukoplakia is always caused by irritation of the tissues in the mouth. The irritation may be from rough teeth, fillings, crowns, ... » Read on
Introduction Leukoplakia is a common disease of the mouth. People with Leukoplakia usually have a white patch on the ... » Read on