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Two-Year Study Shows Low-Carb Diet Effective For Weight Loss, Improves HDL, Cardiovascular Health Risks by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional beneficial long-term effects on HDL” than the LOW-FAT DIET GROUP did. This is a positive take-home message... Some of the harshest criticism about low-carbohydrate diets such as Atkins...
Study: Low-Carb Lowers, Low-Fat Diet Increases Inflammation, Saturated Fat In The Blood by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional triglycerides, low HDL "good" cholesterol, high blood sugar, hypertension and insulin resistance... vida low-carb . The researchers were Dr. Jeff Volek from the University of Connecticut and Dr. Richard...
Low Fat Vs Low Carb Diets? by Karen H. Patient ExpertHealth Maven group – and HDL (good) cholesterol levels – which were significantly higher in the low carb group. Ironically, I’ve already seen blogs from proponents of the low carb diets trumpeting the increase in HDL...
Duke Researcher Pits A Low-Fat Diet Plus Orlistat (Alli) vs. A High-Fat, Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional , this is the exact same FDA that says low-carb diets are “sheer nonsense”)? That’s hardly proof... of the drug all in the name of losing weight. It’s sickening to say the least! How does a low-fat diet...
Low-carb diet better than low-fat for HDL cholesterol at 2 years by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor factors, especially the HDL cholesterol. “Despite the conventional wisdom that a low-carbohydrate diet... that perhaps for those with low HDL-cholesterol levels to begin with, that a low-carbohydrate approach to weigh loss...
Thought I answered this queston - sorry if it did not "take"  I am not a physician and from what I've read this is quite rare - one post elsewhere online suggested getting tested for more rare problems like Lyme Disease.
to address the cause, not just raise the low salt.  Furthermore, we can't quickly raise someone's sodium...Low sodium or hyponatremia is not as rare as one would believe and the consequences are grave...
The disastrous results of a low-fat diet by Dr. William D. Medical Doctor years of a low-fat diet had caused Rob's LDL particle number to skyrocket by 81...-of-thumb offered by some that small LDL is not present when HDL is "normal." Low-fat diets as commonly...
Heart Disease - Number One Cause of Death by Diana Y. Healthy Living Professional sibling under 55 if male, or under 65 if female) High total blood cholesterol Low HDL (good) blood... where it is eliminated. Thus high levels of HDL cholesterol are good; likewise, low levels increase the risk of heart...
Questions raised over the role of HDL-cholesterol in cardiovascular disease by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor . Low levels of HDL-cholesterol have been associated with enhanced risk. But just because two things are associated with each other, does not mean one is causing the other. Low HDL-cholesterol levels...

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Facts ... ds in the bloodstream are cholesterol and triglycerides. Lipid- lowering medicines are used to lower cholesterol and triglycerid ... » Read on
Causes ... oronary arteries, makes the arteries narrower and restrict the flow of blood to the heart . This process is called atheroscleros ... » Read on