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Sarah California
I was recently diagnosed from MRI with what appeared to be a low grade astrocytoma brain... More
Jerryicklo California
This means that the higher the lower levels of adiponectin, the amount of fat in your body.... More
I'm Madison,  34 Hughes Road, Suite C, or providing complete chiropractic care including... More
Kandi North Babylon, New York
I am a 28 year old Female who was once very athletic. I am 5' 9" and about 235lbs. I danced... More
forrestsylvia California
Anti aging creams can help you eliminate the fine lines and wrinkles which are produced on your... More

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Mayo Clinic Study on Low Estrogen Causing Weight Gain Unclear? by Magnolia Miller Healthy Living Professional That’s certainly my opinion.  The Internet is abuzz with news about a recently released study co-authored by a physician at The Mayo Clinic, which says that low estrogen is the cause of weight gain
Increased Testosterone (Not Decreased Estrogen) Causes Weight Gain in Menopausal Women by Heartstrong Registered NurseFacebook and stroke by estrogen and when estrogen levels decreased after menopause this lead to the increased risk... visceral fat (belly fat) than lower estrogen levels.  Previous studies have reported an increased incidence...
Premarin Helps Manage Sever Menopause Symptoms Caused Low Oestrogen by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional Premarin Helps Manage Sever Menopause Symptoms Caused Low Oestrogen Article by Chani.... Vaginal dryness also occurs due to low levels of oestrogen. This causes the vaginal walls to thin and lose...
Natural Plant Phytoestrogens Can Ease Symptoms of Low Estrogen in the Body by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional that, because of their structural similarity with estradiol (estrogen), have the ability to cause estrogenic or/and anti-estrogenic...-estrogens (naturally occurring) and as dietary phytochemicals they are considered as safe and effective...
Is Estrogen Dominance Causing Your Acne? by Fran K. Patient Expert . When your Progesterone becomes too low and your ‘bad’ estrogens become too high, you can become ‘estrogen dominant...’ usually has: Low Progesterone Low ‘Beneficial/Good’ Estrogen (such as Estriol) High ‘Aggressive/Bad’ Estrogen...
New Study Says Menopause Weight Gain is Due to Low Estrogen? by Magnolia Miller Healthy Living Professional that women in their post-menopause years have trouble losing weight due to “low estrogen” which causes our body to “hang onto fat” in order to “hang onto estrogen.” The study specifically says that: “Scientists
Low Estrogen Patch is actually HIGH Estrogen--and deadly not just to fertility by Marie L. Patient Expert Evra birth-control patch. Marketed as a lower-estrogen birth-control option (meaning fewer and milder side effects than the pill), the patch actually delivered much higher doses of estrogen than the pill...
is another supplement useful for low estrogen - Remifemin is a popular brand. Emerita makes a Menopause herbal formula..., "I just feel good." Dear Khastings, There are many supplements that you can take that can help with low...
many other conditions.  Have a complete physical and bloodwork with attention not only to estrogen and progesterone, but also thyroid.  Ask your trusted health care physician/partner to track down what may be causing these symptoms...
Thought I answered this queston - sorry if it did not "take"  I am not a physician and from what I've read this is quite rare - one post elsewhere online suggested getting tested for more rare problems like Lyme Disease.

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Treatment ... ine called gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist (GnRHa). This causes your body to release a very low amount of estrogen, causi ... » Read on
Causes ... he message-sending chemical - decreases during a migraine. Low levels of serotonin can make the blood vessels in a part of ... » Read on