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Never trivialize an acute pain such as your husband is experiencing.  I would suggest that you take him to an urgent-care dental facility or hospital emergency room.  They will be able to diagnose the problem and start to rel
Breast Implants Do Not Cause Breast Cancer Recurrence In Mastectomy Patients by Dr. C Medical DoctorHealth Maven worry that their implants could cause, hinder detection of, or affect treatment of cancer recurrence... and co-author of the study. “It is important for us to provide them with hard facts that show an implant...
Breast Implants Do Not Cause Cancer by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven The BBC reports on a National Cancer Institute study of 3486 Swedish women over an average of 18 years followup. There is no increased incidence of breast cancer in women with breast implants
Can Breast Implants Cause Sleep Apnea? by Dr. Steven P. Medical Doctor sleep. So technically, breast implants don't cause obstructive sleep apnea directly , but it can definitely cause you to stop breathing more often.  How many of you have had a similar situation...
An Implant Is an Implant Is an Implant by The Verigin Dental Health Team Doctor of Dentistry . There are some dentists who believe that only titanium and other metal implants cause problems. “Biocompatible” ceramic..., setting the stage for illness or dysfunction at sites far from the mouth. Disturbances caused by implants...
Ear Implant Device Using Technology from Cochlear Implants Being Tested for Balance Disorder–First Patient Receives Implan by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven The University of Washington is taking the ear implant and working further to see... the use of the implant to help those with hearing problems.  It makes you wonder in the future how many potential...
Tracking Boobs–Implantable RFID Chip to Identify Breast Implants by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Well let’s place some serial numbers on those implants, and of course this idea came to light after the situation in Europe with the questionable breast implants and the arrest of the creator.  The chip...
it is probably break through bleeding which sometimes happens while on birth control.  Brown is just an indicator of "old" blood and usually isn't concern worthy
How can a word cause so much pain? by Valerie D. Patient Expert I want to share with you my experiences. I can't wait to explain the changes in my life, since my cochlear implants. Better I want to tell you about how wearing hearing aids as a child really helped...
I would set up an appointment with the ENT who performed your surgery. I do have some friends with the AB CI who have had devices fail. I do not know that they caused headaches as well

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Complications ... ow of the thigh bone, or due to thinning of the bone around the implant. Another operation (revision surgery) is necessary in ar ... » Read on
Treatment ... cedure, two electrodes (tiny, electrical wires) are permanently implanted into the part of the brain that is causing the dystoni ... » Read on