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My name is Chris Hempel. In October 2007, my husband and I received life-threatening news about... More
Lesha W. Moreno Valley, California
Daves Angels California
I am a caregiver to my husband Dave who was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy in 2007.  He is... More
AlMPartridge Pickering, CA
I have Cerebral Palsy.  I support mentorship and advocating for causes that I believe... More
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my name is amanda peters i grew up in new hampshire with my aunt and uncle.i now live in arizona... More

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Yes, a degenerative disc and bone spurs can cause these kind of symtoms. Anything that presses on a nerve can cause motor or sensory changes. Also, muscle spasms in the suboccipital and cervical
Bone Spurs are a part of the degeneration process. This does not happen overnight. Poor posture and doing repetitive motions constantly can cause degeneration in the spine.
Yes it is possible for high heels to cause a number of symptoms: lower back pain, leg pain, calf pain,  and foot pain. The muscles of the calf are the Gastrocnemius and Soleus.  Wearing High Heels...
How to Treat Heel Spurs by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Are you experiencing pain in your heels? Does it feel like you have a toothache in your heel? That may sound like a strange question, but if you ever feel it, and you’ve
Heel Spur?? by Marathon Mommies !. Patient Expert Hey Marathon Mommies, I'm hoping someone out there has experienced a heel spur (well, not... fasciitis, but not quite, so I've self-diagnosed it as a heel spur. It used to be just a twinge of pain...
The High Heels Controversy: Do they Really Cause Low Back Pain? by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook long heels – this can cause more falls and sprains and strains of the ankle. Finally, often times high heels squish your foot together, causing further misalignment (and Pain) to the individual bones...
How Can High Heels Sometimes Cause Back Discomfort! by Dr B Doctor of Chiropracty High heeled shoes can also cause foot, ankle, and knee pain too. You see when a person..., and wearing heels with too much lift will change the arches and will cause decreased motion of the foot. Not...
Do High Heels Cause Low Back Pain? by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook    This Blog Post is all about the wearing of High Heels and how the height of these heels really affects our health.  What Factor do heels play in lower back pain. More than you know. Read how wearing...
Heels With Wheels Cause Crashes by Heather J. Commission said Wednesday. Children, the primary wearers of the heels with wheels, took the brunt...
Women’s Feet and High Heels by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine heeled shoes can cause problems with your feet. First, for the sake of fashion, we are wearing shoes... together. The overall design of the shoe – especially a high heeled shoe – forces the foot into an unnatural position, causing...

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How it is performed ... ne), where the rib cage divides, place the heel of your hand in the middle of the person's chest (just abov ... » Read on
Treatment ... heart beat. Surgery If CMT causes significant deformities in your feet, which cause you pai ... » Read on