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Qi- Flo Asheville, North Carolina
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As a Chiropractor I work on all types of musculoskeletal injuries, from car accident and work... More
Accelerated Cure Project Waltham, Massachusetts
The Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis is a national nonprofit organization dedicated... More

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The headache pills that cause headaches by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor . Entitled ‘Too frequent use of painkillers can cause rather than cure headaches’, it relays information.... It seems that in some cases, painkilling medication can cause headaches, which in turn can encourage an unhealthy dependence...
Guest Post: Rebound Headaches–Does Today’s Headache Medication Cause Tomorrow’s Misery? by Dr. Scott ND Naturopathic DoctorFacebook realize that many of the popular over-the-counter headache medications, when used too often, can cause... headaches and cannot determine what is causing the pain. In my opinion theses drugs should have in huge...
Yes, unfortunately whiplash can cause pain and headaches. A sudden trauma such as whiplash... in the muscles can cause neck pain or headaches, espeically if not treated right after the injury. A misalignment...
source on aneurysms, yes, they cause headaches. See another neurologist. ... Headache Dilated pupils Blurred or double vision Pain above and behind eye Weakness and numbness...
A many number of things can cause, or trigger a headache or Migraine. If the pain is unilateral (one sided) and worsens with movement, it could be a Migriane. Migraine is a neurological disorder
Hi Mike, According to, there are certain OTC medications that may cause drowsiness. (See below).  In addition, OTC meds with stimulants such as caffeine may indirectly cause...
. Yes. I do get headaches when I use things with chlorine in it. It is harsh chemical but good bacteria...
have you looked up what the possible side-effects of your particular brand of birth control?   That should let you know pretty definitivly if it is possibly the cause
I would see a neurologist.  It could be a number of things. Tingling and numbness with headaches can be caused by a number of things, like an injury, herniated disk, diabetes. It is wise to see a doctor...
causes of headaches.  Because your headache pain is always on the same side of your face and runs down...I would suggest going to a headache specialist.  There is a train of thought that what American's...

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Symptoms ... d in alcohol, a chemical that can cause headaches. Alcohol also causes dehydration, which also contributes to hangover symptoms, ... » Read on
Symptoms ... s diabetes, heart failure or any other long term condition that causes breathlessness. Wheeze. ... » Read on