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Dr. Vic Shayne, PhD Boulder, Colorado
For the last 20 years I have been involved in nutritional research, both personally and... More
Lisa Suffern, New York
I am a mother who was not warned by my doctors how to prevent the #1 viral cause of birth... More
Beyond Vitality Port of Spain, TT
Sara has always been a food enthusiast and athlete. Even as a child, she used to tell her mother... More
Katy Massachusetts
My name is Katy and I am a 20 something year old living in the Boston area. Living a healthy... More
Crowdrise Birmingham, Michigan
We’re the Crowdrise community.  We’re about answering the call to service,... More

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Poor Eating Habits Cause Malnourished - Obese - Sick Americans. by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven . Because of poor eating habits, two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, and many more are simply... down. What are the consequences of poor diet for children? Unhealthy eating habits...
Bad Eating Habits Cause Unnecessary Relationship Strain In Married Couples by Len S. Patient Expert supplements, is reporting on recent research that outlines how bad eating habits cause unnecessary strain... are all important for a happy marriage, but research is showing that it’s eating habits that can really cause problems...
is Your Paraben Habit Making You Fat, Or Worse...Causing Cancer? by Susan W. Patient Expert supply, where they can cause a cascade of negative environmental problems. These endocrine disruptors...
Warning: Christmas Habits That Cause Heart Attack by Sean D. Patient Expert . Physical, mental or even emotional stress causes the heart to beat faster and the blood pressure to rise... which have are a major cause for the build up of plaques on the wall of the arteries over longer periods of time...
Is Your Paraben Habit Making You Fat or Worse... Causing Cancer? by Susan W. Patient Expert by your body are washed down the drain into the drinking water supply, where they can cause a cascade...
Your Habits May Be Causing Your Breakups by The Relationship Experts .. Patient Expert Do you go through the same kind of relationship over and over again? Do you notice that, somehow, your relationships always seem to go through a fixed sequence of events, even if your current boyfriend is a starkly different
Breaking a Bad Habit and The Habit Loop by Brett - Sheer Balance Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven of the loop is causing unfavorable results. Modifying that part will create healthier habits. Examine... of the habit loop needs to be modified. Specifically, what part of the habit loop is causing unhealthy or...
Trade in Your Smoking Habit for a “CrackBerry” Habit – Stimulus Pilot Program In Washington DC by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven You have to love this one, but overall it’s a good cause and that you can’t debate.  BlackBerrys will give them something to do with their hands is part of the connection here. I don’t think the government is picking up the monthly bill...
What is, and What Causes Trigeminal Neuralgia? by stuart Patient Expert Aug 10, 2009 Trigeminal Neuralgia, also known as Tic Douloureaux, is a nerve disorder that causes abrupt, searing, electric-shock-like facial pains, most commonly the pain involves the lower face...
Research suggests good sleep habits can help improve resistance to viral infection by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor Variously on this site I have reported on the health benefits of getting enough sleep (see here for a relevant article). My attention was drawn to a study published this week which assessed the relationship between sleep time

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Symptoms ... Everyone, whether young or old, has their own normal bowel habits, and these can be quite different from other people's hab ... » Read on
Treatment The aim of treatment is to remove the leukoplakia. In order to do this the source of the irritation which has caused it ... » Read on