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Detached Children With Autism Theory Faces Serious Challenge by Harold L D. Patient Expert based speculation that autism disorders were caused by detached, cold mothers.  The professions' embrace... disorders are also cold, detached, do not show typical emotional responses.  The cold autistic persons...
What Are The Differences Between Attachment, Detachment and Non-Attachment? by Evelyn Lim Healthy Living Professional . Sometimes when emotions get too overwhelming, your coping mechanism gets activated; thus causing you to withdraw. Non... but you cannot help but feel all sorts of negative emotions ranging from anxiety , fear, lack and frustration...
A Plateau Caused by Emotions? by Pam Tremble Patient Expert At last night's support meeting, Dr. Willims lead the group in a discussion about the emotions... they started. The classes dealt a lot with learning techniques to help us learn to handle emotions head...
Snyder vs. Phelps: Can a Single Event Cause Extreme Emotional Damage? by Dr. Rob Dobrenski Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven such as these, an important question emerges: can a single event such as this cause severe emotional harm? If you’re a lawyer or law.... So I wrote a piece on emotional abuse and how it could impact the legal system. Here is an excerpt, and hit...
Emotional stress can cause physical pain. by Carol Grant We have all heard how stress whether it is emotional or physical, is bad for us and many people.... There is some evidence that previous emotional stress  issues that occurred at the same time as the  physical  injury...
Irrational Ideas Which Cause and Sustain Emotional Disturbances by Dr. Sheila Cason Medical Doctor would very much like them to be. 5.The idea that human happiness is externally caused and that people have little or no ability...
Working at Losing the Weight May Cause Unwanted Emotional Side Effects by Doctor of Philosophy drugs are questionable. Some have caused serious side effects, some have possible serious side effects... to the emotional and psychological issues that may be contributing to your eating problem? Well, facing real...
Compulsive overeating and emotional eating cause weight gain by Doctor of Philosophy an eating problem, you'll need to link up cause or causes with your behavior. If you don't understand...
Emotional eating is the cause, but don't make me think by Doctor of Philosophy your emotions, dealing with your habits, lifestyle, relationships - then you'd better pay attention...
No Wonder Alzheimer's Causes Emotional and Behavioral Changes! by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert It seems that if the portion of our brain that deals with having to remember things is “busy”then it is difficult to make rational decisions..... By Max Wallack The Head of School at Boston University AcademyMr. B

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Causes ... hen there is no danger. This may cause them to have feelings of detachment and blunted emotions. » Read on
Causes ... ome cases, floaters can be caused by eye disease or injury that causes inflammation inside the eye. » Read on